Friday, April 26, 2013

Restaurant worker 'took photos of bad tippers and posted images online with insulting hashtags such as #jew and #hillbillies'

A Delaware restaurant has come under fire after photographs of bad tippers and their receipts were uploaded to its social networking sites alongside offensive and racist messages.

The Padi Restaurant in Hockessin has apologized after images appeared on its manager's Instagram account and the eatery's Facebook page calling people names such as 'cheap' and 'hillbilly'.

But the manager, Aaron Kwan, has denied he took the images or wrote the messages - and has instead blamed other employees for accessing his online profiles when he was not looking.

After the Wilmington News Journal reported about the messages, the Instagram and Facebook accounts were promptly removed. The News Journal shared several of the offensive messages.

Among them, there was a photo of a bill for $53.80 for a customer with an Indian surname, who had tipped $5.20 - less than 10 per cent. The photo appeared on the Instagram account, fumanchu85, alongside the message: 'What do you expect from a last name like that? #cheap #jew'

In a similar message, where a diner with a $45.90 bill paid a $6.10 tip, the person wrote: 'With a last name like that, I don't think you will ever expect a GOOD tip. #cheap #jerk #indian.'

Edward B. Rosenthal, an attorney representing the restaurant's owner and Kwan's aunt, Eve Teoh, said the business is working hard to restore its image after the messages emerged two weeks ago.


He doomed himself once he used racial epithets


Anonymous said...

Do restaurants exist for the benefit of the staff? Perhaps the owners of American restaurants should pay better wages and relieve their customers of subsidizing the employees so they can have a living wage!

Anonymous said...

Just how much should one pay to alleviate stupidity? Are there no well-paid morons?

You would think that by now, people would have realized just how destructive these so-called "social media sites" are. How many lives, careers, and reputations have been ruined, and will be ruined, simply because of people's desperate need for attention. Unfortunately, there is no antidote for stupidity.

Brian from Rochester NY said...

Anonymous 2:39,

You and Einstein are on the same page:

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."

Bird of Paradise said...

Looks like a restruant that needs a visit from either RESTRUANTS IMOSSIBLE or RESTRUANT STAKEOUT from THE FOOD NETWORK

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian, nobody has ever put me in the same sentence with Einstein, at least not in a positive way! Life will just seem downhill from now on!

Anonymous said...

Ti me, it would depend on the service they got. Maybe the servers were really bad. I have left 10% when I got really poor service (normally leave 20%).