Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Man fined for racism after Welsh sheep slur

Not quite clear whether it was his words or behavior that was penalized

A man who was fined for racism after he branded Welsh people “sheep shaggers” claims he was using a term for people living in the countryside.

Anthony Taaffe had to be restrained and sat on by an off duty policeman and security staff at a holiday park in Wales after he was seen shouting and swearing while drunk, a court in Lladudno heard.

He then called the off duty policeman and security a staff “a bunch of sheep s******s.”

The court heard there were children present at the time at the holiday park in Gronant.

But Taaffe, of Bolton, told the court that he hadn’t been insulting Welsh people specifically and that instead he was using the words because it “is a term for people living in the countryside.”

The 47-year-old was fined £150 after he admitted racially aggravated disorderly behaviour.


New Zealanders are also routinely joshed about their many sheep and supposed carnal connections with them but mostly they seem to smile through gritted teeth about it.  The joke seems reliably hilarious to Australians but it undoubtedly gets tedious to Kiwis.  It seems that the Welsh have a similar problems with the rougher element among the English.  Ethnic jokes are jokes no more


Anonymous said...

Oh, come on...
everybody knows it's the Scots who are sheep shaggers.
They wear kilts because sheep can hear zippers!

Anonymous said...

But even then the joke would fail as the majority of Scots now live in cities and large towns, and not otherwise country folk.

Anonymous said...

An old song had the line "Tie Me Walloby down" I think I'm now getting the meaning.

Anonymous said...

"Montana, where men are men and sheep are nervous." "Florida State University, where the women are women and the men are too." and countless others are digs due to rivalries or just to get a rise out of someone. "Sticks and stones will break your bones but words should never harm you." Real police tend to let insults run off, most "security" let their little power go to their heads