Monday, April 08, 2013

South African university apologises for running survey saying white people are 'more attractive' than black people

Some opinions must not be uttered.  There is an old saying:  "Concerning tastes there can be no dispute" but not these days apparently.  I wonder if I am allowed to say that I have a preference for redheads?

A South African student newspaper caused a racial storm after publishing a poll that said white people are the most attractive race.

The University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Varsity newspaper conducted a survey of 60 students to decide which race is the most attractive.

It showed that 38 per cent of those surveyed thought that whites were the most attractive, while Africans had the lowest rating with just eight per cent.

The survey took in a wide range of ethnicities, with people from who were white, Indian, East Asian, mixed race, black or ‘coloured’ backgrounds.

The poll, which was conducted to accompany an article entitled ‘Is Love Colour Blind’ by student Qamran Tabo, has been condemned as racist.

The paper was forced to apologise after students and human rights activists complained.

The UCT Young Communist League of South Africa lodged a complaint with the country’s Human Rights Commission as they believe that the ‘charade of a survey’ incited racial hatred.



Anonymous said...

Judging by the wives and girlfriends of moneyed Negroes there is little room for doubt. Tiger Woods and Seal cannot be wrong. Blue eyed, blonde, white girls are the fairest in the land.

Anonymous said...

"survey saying white people are more attractive' than black people..."

Well, that could be a factual statement depending on who you ask. In reality, it's simply an opinion. The real problem here is, today, because of the hideous, freedom killing virus known as political correctness, opinions that are not "pre-approved" by the PC'ists, are not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 1:30, you forgot the professional attention whore, Kim Kardouchian, a.k.a. "Ghetto Meat". The funny part is, pigs like her get offended when they're called, gold-diggers and skanks. The truth always offends those who try their best to avoid it.

stinky said...

If the survey questioned a representative sampling of students, then the results might indeed indicate racism on the part of the student body.

Then again, it could also indicate differences in the way people on campus dress, or wear/eschew makeup, or look after their fitness, or their average age in each race, or their social status,etc ... any one of which is probably more likely than a straight racial preference.

Men, for example, have very common prefs in the looks of a woman: e.g. a waist/hip ratio of ~.7. If the black women ate more starch and gained more weight (pure hypothetical, btw, just as a "for instance"), then those women would rate lower in an attractiveness survey.

Sad that the U immediately attempts to shoot the messenger, tho. Typical these days, but sad nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

The research was conceived and conducted by a black student as part of a research project. Of the 60 people interviewed, 10 were selected from each of 6 different racial ethnicities, and they were invited to give their opinions anonymously.

Anonymous said...

What about researching the topic of pointless research on personal opinions into pointless topics - ?