Friday, March 16, 2018

Twitter Suspends Steven Crowder for Violating ‘Hateful Conduct’ Terms

Social media is unfriendly territory for conservatives. Facebook’s targeting of us is well-documented. But now we have a real, immediate problem from Twitter. After posting the undercover SXSW video of SvenComputer infiltrating the gender fluid panel, Twitter suspended Steven Crowder’s account.

Here’s what we think happened. The original video that went out didn’t have the word “f*ggot” soft bleeped. The original video was immediately pulled from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as the studio team added bleeps for the “offensive” content. After the bleeps were added into the video, the studio re-uploaded the SXSW undercover video back to YouTube and Facebook.

When NotGayJared shared the video with the bleeps added, and information blurred, he was also suspended.

Which means Twitter didn’t necessarily find “f*ggot” offensive. They apparently found the general concept of the video offensive. If you haven’t watched it yet, do.

Here’s what we think happened.

Taking Twitter at their word on the time-out limit, we scheduled video promotional tweets, using the new and improved, not-as-triggering, bleeps-added video via a third-party platform. After those tweets went out, the Twitter gods balled their fists. Gnashed their teeth. Veins throbbed. Eyeballs popped from sockets.

As punishment for our technological sins, the suspension was extended to seven days.

…And now SvenComputer is suspended from Twitter.



Anonymous said...

I think that Twitter is ridiculous.

Bird of Paradise said...

Back to your cage twitter

Use the Name, Luke said...

But meanwhile, clearly libelous tweets are just fine with Twitter, as long as they're against conservatives.

Twitter is not honest.