Monday, March 19, 2018

Facebook suspends data firm which worked with Trump campaign

Facebook regulates how Presidential election campaigns are run???

Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica, the shadowy firm which worked with the Trump campaign and has been linked to Brexit, claiming it violated its policies by using the information of 270,000 users to inform their tactics.

In 2015, the social network discovered that Cambridge professor Dr. Aleksandr Kogan had given the information to the company after obtaining it legitimately through an app of his own.

The app was called This Is Your Digital Life and was downloaded by Facebook users once they had already logged in.

They willingly submitted their information to This Is Your Digital Life but were unaware what Kogan would do with it next, the site claims.

When Facebook learned that he had shared it with the Cambridge Analytica, they asked both to destroy it.

Cambridge Analytica denies the allegation and insisted on Friday that none of the information it received from Kogan was used in the Trump campaign.

'Cambridge Analytica deleted all data received from GSR,' the company said in a statement. GSR stands for Global Science Research, Kogan's company.

'We worked with Facebook over this period to ensure that they were satisfied that we had not knowingly breached any of Facebook’s terms of service and also provided a signed statement to confirm that all Facebook data and their derivatives had been deleted.

Cambridge Analytica worked closely with the Trump campaign and has been credited by Brad Parscale, Trump's 'Facebook guru' with solidifying their victory.

Parscale, who handled social media for the last campaign, has already been named as the president's 2020 campaign manager.

Last month, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller requested Cambridge Analytica turn over documents for his probe into potential Russian interference in the election.



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I void Facebook and all similar.

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That is, I avoid Facebook.

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Screw Facebook let it go to blazes if their going to be so liberal and leftists about we don't need them