Sunday, March 25, 2018

Catholic College Cancels Event Because Every Speaker Was White


A Minnesota Catholic college canceled an event because every one of the 29 speakers was a white woman, according to a Monday report.

St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, Minn., which boasts a women-only undergraduate program, canceled an event named “The Leadership Imperative: Rise to Your Purpose.” The workshop aimed to “equip both emerging and seasoned female professionals with the tools they need to become impactful, respected leaders,” reported The College Fix.

The school canceled the event, stating that the speaker lineup did “not reflect the diverse St. Kate’s community of today nor the world of tomorrow we are committed to creating.” The event organizers expressed worry that the speaker selection process “led to a racial and ethnic blind outcome,” according to the Minnesota Republic.

Pictures next to 28 of the 29 speakers show they are white women. Speaker Margaret Smith does not have a photograph, but is also white.

“[I] was to be a speaker for this conference and received a very respectful note from the planners regarding the cancellation,” Smith told The Fix. When asked for the note describing the cancellation, Smith said, “I do not feel it is appropriate for me to forward that note to you.”

St. Kate’s University took a similar action before a planned writing event for young adults and children in August. When 21 of the 22 invited speakers turned out to be white, the school said it “made a mistake” in its mission to be inclusive and equitable, reported the Star Tribune.

St. Kate’s made headlines for being the site of Muslim student Tnuza Jamal Hassan’s January burning of nine buildings and attempt to recruit two students to join al-Qaeda, according to Campus Unmasked.



Bird of Paradise said...

The weed of Poltical Correctness in fertilized with liberal stupidity

Anonymous said...

Politically Correct Liberals believe that diversity is of great importance.

Anonymous said...

Now if they had a conference on "how to get the most $$ from welfare", I would expect a more "diverse" list of speakers.