Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Must not defend the NRA

A high school student, 17-year-old Christian Breault, a senior at Middleburgh Junior/Senior High School, in Middleburgh, N.Y., found himself physically attacked for standing up for the Second Amendment when his school participated in the nationwide walkout on March 14. After the school participated in the walkout, an assembly was held in the school, featuring local law enforcement and community leaders to talk to the students about school safety. Instead of safety, the assembly turned political, tensions rose, and Christian found himself targeted for defending the Second Amendment. His father, Brian Breault, spoke out about the incident on Facebook:

Today the school my son, Christian, attends participated in the National School Walkout for Gun Control and School Safety. The school held an assembly after the walkout bringing in community leaders and law enforcement to speak. Toward the end of the assembly they showed an Anti-NRA video vilifying the gun organization and its members (American citizens).

Following the dismissal of the assembly Christian engaged in a conversation with other students who felt the assembly was not handled well. Christian expressed he felt the Anti-NRA video was over the top and he found it offensive. Another student not involved in the conversation threatened him for his view on the video going as far as telling the school nurse that he would punch Christian in the face if he didn't stop defending the NRA. The nurse told the student he could not say that and no further action was taken.

The incident did not end there. Later that afternoon, Christian was assaulted by the other student while he was leaving class. Christian was punched twice in the side of the head before defending himself. The teen's father told PJ Media, “Christian defended himself, punching the kid in the jaw, causing him to fall to the floor. The kid got up and threw an object at Christian, which he deflected.” The student was suspended for three days, and Christian for a day, just for defending himself. When Mr. Breault asked why the nurse failed to report the threat of violence against his son, no explanation was given except that “they would look into it.”

Mr. Breault spoke with the principal about the incident. The principal “was very combative and condescending to my concerns of the breakdown in keeping Christian safe,” Breault said.

Brian Dunn, the superintendent of the school district, later apologized for the presentation of the video:

Dear Middleburgh Central Schools community,

On Wednesday, March 14th, the Jr./Sr. High School held a school safety assembly for students. The purpose of the assembly was to give administrators and law enforcement the chance to speak with students regarding how the district handles school safety and answer any questions students may have had. During the assembly, a video was shown that changed the focus of the conversation from school safety to politics. This was not our desired outcome for the event, and we regret and sincerely apologize for that result.

And the worst part is that Christian, a deferred entry Naval recruit, was suspended for defending himself. Christian also spoke with PJM about the incident. “I personally feel my suspension shows the failure in our society and schools. My constitutional rights were violated by this student, and I defended my rights and myself from him,” he said.

The school’s response to Christian defending himself from being physically attacked could have severe consequences for his future. “This goes on my permanent record, which can hurt my career in the Navy when I go for promotions and my investigation for my Top Secret Security Clearance,” he explained. Christian believes this sends a bad message to young people. “It teaches our young that they cannot defend themselves without being punished.”

At publishing time, Christian’s suspension for defending himself still stands and will be on his permanent record.



Bird of Paradise said...

We no longer have any schools their now Indoctrination centers for the future servants of Big Brother

Dean said...


First, the idea that defending ones self merits punishment. Would the principal of that school stand and allow himself to be pummeled? Most likely not. So why does he expect that of students? Hypocrisy shows it face.

Second: Hypocrisy again in using violence to end violence. Supposedly students (and the adults egging them on) demonstrate and act to end violence. Then, when someone disagrees with their suggested method, they react with - you guessed it - violence.

Should weapons be kept out the hands of disturbed people? Definitely. All weapons, firearms and bombs included.

Will banning the NRA do that? No, it will not.

And, are firearms the root problem in school violence? No, the root problem is violent people and society's seeming inability to respond the them.

Last thought: as a firearm owner, target shooter, hunter and NRA member my opinion of military styled semni-automatic firearms: they are useless for anything but wasting ammunition in civilian life. A military situation is the only place they make sense.

Home defense? A short barreled shotgun makes much more sense. There is less chance of penetrating a wall and causing damage or wounds outside the house as well as giving a better chance of hitting the intruder.

Hunting? If a twenty-round magazine is needed to get a deer, the answer isn't more shots available, the answer is more time at the range learning how to shoot accurately.

Anonymous said...

Although it pains me to say it I agree with BoP

Stan B said...


If hunting and home defense were what the founders had in mind when the 2nd Amendment was passed, then your comments would be completely valid. You know as well as I do they were not trying to keep us safe from common criminals or allow us to bag a few dear on our way west. They wanted men to feel safe from their government - governments which can turn tyrannical when not accountable. Neither the British Parliament nor the British Crown thought of themselves as anything but benevolent father figures to the colonists, whom were ungrateful children feeling their oats. The Democrats and the Republicans feel the same way about the American People - just look at both parties' reaction to the election of Trump.

Thank God we don't have to rely on people who don't understand history to interpret the 2nd Amendment.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Any campus that bans or limits Free Speech should be a target of a Lawsuit for its unconstitutional rules