Sunday, March 04, 2018

A beloved gorilla statue in a Texas park has been removed by officials after some complained that it was 'racially insensitive'

The caged statue had been a center piece at the park in Corsicana, south of Dallas, for two decades before it was taken away on Monday.

Corsicana Mayor Don Denbow had the 500-pound gorilla removed after receiving about 45 complaints.

'It was determined to be potentially racially insensitive,' the mayor said when he announced the decision. 

'This was brought to our attention by a few citizens. The circumstances were evaluated and determined to be valid.'

The removal of the statue prompted immediate backlash on social media and outraged residents started a makeshift memorial for the gorilla at the empty cage.

One man even sat on top of the cage on Wednesday and refused to move until the gorilla was returned, according to KXXV.

Residents had also planned to hold a candlelight vigil on Wednesday night in honor of the gorilla.

The mayor and city officials folded to pressure late on Wednesday following the widespread backlash and protests.



Anonymous said...

How is a gorilla statue 'racially insensitive' ?

Bird of Paradise said...

if liberals would think more then they whined then we would have a cure for cancer or the common cold

Anonymous said...

To remove the statue is bigotry towards gorillas - or "species insensitive".

Dean said...

What's next? Banning Jane Goodall's research? Getting rid of "Bedtime for Bonzo"? Censoring wildlife shows that picture monkeys, chimpanzees, etc.? Jail time for anyone who says "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle?" Consigning all those old Monkeys in a Barrel toys to the incinerator?

Good grief. Our society makes me wonder where we're going and what I'm doing in this handbasket.

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that the gorilla is going back in to where it was originally.

I wonder why that was left out of the OP?

Anonymous said...

Those 45 people that complained are the racists if they automatically see a gorilla and by default see it as a black person.