Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Is it free speech to obstruct a pipeline?

Nearly 2000-miles of large-diameter pipelines are proposed to move fracked gas from West Virginia and Pennsylvania to markets primarily in the South.  Greenies of course are doing their best tp hinder the build

The U.S. Forest Service is promising an "expeditious, but cautious resolution," to the tree sitters protest on Peters Mountain. But the revised order closing areas along the pipeline corridor is also raising concerns about free speech.

The Forest Service has designated the Caldwell Fields Campground as a place where people can exercise their first amendment rights. But this area is in Montgomery County, far from Monroe County West Virginia where the tree sitters are located.

Last week, law enforcement officers from the U.S. Forest Service travelled to and from Peters Mountain on four-wheelers, posting revised notices closing the pipeline corridor.

They didn't remove the tree sitters then, but are expected to return.

In a written statement, a forest service spokesperson said the agency "recognizes that first amendment rights are an important privilege of every U.S. citizen, However, public health and safety must also be considered."

In a video posted on the Appalachians Against Pipelines Facebook Page, an anonymous speaker said the designation of a free speech area has more to do with removing protesters from the mountain, than protecting anyone's first amendment rights.



Anonymous said...

Tree huggers think that they are entitled to special privileges.

Bird of Paradise said...

Screw tree huggers and tree sitters screw them all and make them live in a grass hut like on Gilligan's Island only in a cold and windy place with no heat and no fire to cook their veggies or keep them warm ona cold winter night let them experence a real enviromental way of living

Anonymous said...

Free speech 'zones' are just as wrong when applied by the Forestry Service as when they are applies by colleges.
The wonderful thing about the First Amendment is that it make all of the USA a free speech zone - not just some backwoods site.
Obstruction, however, raises other issues.

Stan B said...

The United States Supreme Court has said the designation of "time and place restrictions" are perfectly reasonable in some cases. The route of a pipeline which people are opposing could be deemed an "inappropriate place" to protest since such protests interfere with the contractual obligations of the government.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Modern enviromentalisms a form of stupidity and ignorance