Friday, March 23, 2018

A victory for free speech

On Monday, Indiana University of Pennsylvania President Michael Driscoll made an important and courageous decision to reinstate a student who had been temporarily barred from a religious studies class after making controversial remarks on gender identity.

The student, Lake Ingle, was awaiting a decision from the college’s Academic Integrity Board after claiming in class that he believes there are only two genders and after he disputed the existence of “white male privilege.”

Mr. Driscoll announced his plan to “indefinitely pause the formal university process without resolution.” Mr. Ingle will be permitted to return to the class — which he needed to graduate — on the condition that he behave respectfully in the classroom during discussion and debate.

In an email sent to the entire campus community, Mr. Driscoll also expressed disappointment that “in the presence of a test of our devotion to the First Amendment and to the IUP Way, we fell short as a community.”

The IUP Way, as the school defines it, is to include all students and their opinions in a respectful academic environment.



Bird of Paradise said...

At last some Common Sense on campus this needs to spread nation wide to all liberal leftists run campuses especialy U.C. Berkley and if the snowflakes dont like it then they c an Go Pound Sand

Anonymous said...

The student is correct; there are only two genders.

Anonymous said...

"on the condition that he behave respectfully in the classroom during discussion and debate". translation, agree with the teacher's Liberal views.

Anonymous said...

So what happens to him now if the so called professor decides anything and everything he says is disrespectful in her opinion?

Bill R. said...

Lake Ingle did not state an opinion. He stated a fact. The teacher had no business kicking him out of her class. Why is she teaching a Christianity class anyway? This is not a victory for free speech, but it is not a loss either.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Like the students expelled for showing pictures of them and their families at the gun range these snooping school officials need to keep their big fat noses out of the families private life