Sunday, January 29, 2017

UK: Must not mock blacks

Various people were mocked but mocking a black was what generated criticism

More than 30 university medical students were suspended for blacking up and wearing a large fake penis to impersonate their black American lecturer, it was revealed today.

South Wales Police were called in to investigate the charity production for racial hatred and 32 students were suspended from their medical course.

An independent report commissioned by the university has hit out at the play performed last year and also revealed complaints of racism, sexism and lack of diversity in the School of Medicine.

Dr Allen, 46, said he was left 'worried' at his portrayal in the play - and said the university could have supported him better.

The report said: 'There were three performances of the revue in February 2016 in which a medical school staff member was portrayed as a stereotypical, hyper-sexualised black man, wearing an oversized dildo.

'Other lecturers too were made fun of. There were racist, sexist and homophobic jokes and stereotype references.

'The script of the show was not seen or approved by anyone in authority at the university, nor by the Student Union.'

Police were called in to investigate but decided that no further action would be taken. Two students involved in the blacking up admitted a lack of sensitivity.

The report revealed two students who complained about the play had decided to leave and transfer to other medical schools.

Some students described social life at Cardiff's School of Medicine as 'segregated' and said black students were separate from other non-white groups.

It said local doctors and the NHS play a role in perpetuating a 'rugby culture' among students in the medical school.

Recommendations include giving all university staff regular training in diversity including race, gender and sexual orientation and actively discouraging offensive stereotyping of any person or group.



Anonymous said...

training in diversity including race, gender and sexual orientation

More Politically Correct nonsense. These people need to get into the real world.

Bird of Paradise said...

It seems to me the ones who need to be suspended are those idiot administrators and professors

Anonymous said...

Australia's university system has been stuffed since the 70's. I don't support discrimination. I do support student activities that allow them to caricature the professors and lecturers. This instance may have crossed a line but that doesn't make the students racist. More lefty bullshit.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the goal is to drive out white students by sanctioning them and suspending their studies. Gives more room for lower performing minorities which is where the progressives want to go.


Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Must not listen to liberals becuase they babble nonsnense you cant understand