Sunday, January 29, 2017

Snowflake student  reports seeing KKK hood in classroom, actually saw lab equipment cover

An Ohio college student armed with a cellphone and an overactive imagination alerted campus authorities to what she thought was a hooded Klansman in a campus classroom.

But it turns out that what one female black student at Bowling Green State University thought was a KKK hood was a plastic cover on top of lab equipment, Mediaite reported Tuesday.

“There’s been an ACTIVE KKK group in Bowling Green, OH since 1922,” complained the student in Sunday morning in a tweet directed to university President Mary Ellen Mazey. “[S]oo, how does this promote diversity &a inclusion??”

The tweet included a brief cellphone video that zoomed into a room in a campus building where there appeared to be a conical-shaped white sheet.

In a reply Monday morning, Ms. Mazey answered the student in a tweet containing photographs to assuage the student’s fears.
“Thanks for sharing @autumpatrice,” she wrote. “We looked into this. We discovered it’s a cover on a piece of lab equipment.”



Dean said...

Help! Help! KKK hoods disguised as lab equipment covers!

Sob, whimper. I need milk and cookies and a puppy to cuddle.

Sees what she wants to see and has a great chance to be offended.

Anonymous said...

Try this experiment.
Look around the room and take a mental note of everything in the room that is red.
Then close your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very spoiled brat.

Anonymous said...

And that lab equipment has been there since 1922? Oh what an active imagination that little snowflake has.

Bird of Paradise said...

Whining pathetic little snowflakes see hoods everywhere and think KKK becuase their walnut sized brains are little used them being a snowflakes who dont use their brains very much

Anonymous said...

Diversity is morons attending college, sigh.

Anonymous said...

Victimhood created by the university at its best. What shadow will she report next?

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

And their common call is WHINE,WHINE,WHINE

Anonymous said...

I suspect she was just looking for some attention and hoping for a payout.