Wednesday, January 04, 2017

More Leftist hate speech

HONOLULU’S Café 8 ½ gets rave reviews on Yelp for its “Radiatore Verde” and “Italian stir fry,” among other popular dishes at the eclectic mum-and-pop restaurant — but the response to its new “policy” barring pro-Trump patrons has been decidedly more mixed.

A bright yellow, handmade sign posted on the restaurant’s front glass door declares: “If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis.”

A photo of the sign was shared with One also is proudly posted on the cafe’s Facebook page, and was “liked” by some 40 people.

“…The next time you’re in Honolulu, eat lunch here, not only are they on the right side of things, the food is delicious and reasonable,” Facebook user Ariel Agor wrote next to the photo.

Others aren’t so charmed.

Honolulu resident and Donald Trump voter Susan Roberts told she found the sign in “extreme poor taste.”

“It’s childish and very unprofessional,” she said in an email. “… The restaurant owner doesn’t have to worry ... I will not be stepping foot in that establishment.”



Bird of Paradise said...

I hope they go bankrupt when no one gose to their restruant and serve the little snowflake owners and managers a little crow in fact make that a large serving of crow for the fools they are the real Nazis/Socialists

Anonymous said...

The campaign of Liberals against Trump continues; they cannot believe that their candidate who was a liar, a crook, and not competent to be President did not win even though she was female.

Anonymous said...

When a Pizza Place or a Baker refuses service to Gays, they are put out of business by the Government for discrimination. Shouldn't this place be shut down as well?

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Anon 4:39 Yes it should be shut down and the owner pay a big hefty fine and be made to attend Snowflakes Annonamous

Darzee the Tailorbird said...

Proof that liberals are the real intollerent ones they cant take the facts Hillary lost and liberal are sore losers

Anonymous said...

I thought you fucking rethuglicans support small business. Apparently not. Eat shit and die.