Sunday, January 22, 2017

Australia:  State government encouraging workers not to use ‘wife’, ‘husband’

This is from last year but I think it remains notable

THE Victorian Government has come under fire for encouraging workers to not use the words “wife” or “husband” to avoid offending LGBTI colleagues.

The recommendation was released in the Inclusive Language Guide earlier this year which says workers should avoid “heteronormative’’ terms and instead use works like ‘’partner” to refer to loved ones.

Minister for Equality Martin Foley has defended the document saying there was no ban, the guide suggests “you should try and avoid the use of husband and wife.’’

The recommendations have been labelled as over the top by Opposition spokesman Tim Smith.

“People should be respectful to everyone regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, sexuality and appearance, but once again Daniel Andrews is dividing people with his over the top ideological nonsense,” Mr Smith said.

“Victorians are being swamped by a violent crime wave and skyrocketing electricity bills but Daniel Andrews is focused on people using heteronormative terms such as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’.

“This isn’t just creating unnecessary division it’s also a frightening waste of taxpayers’ money when respect and common sense is what’s needed.”

Mr Foley said language guidelines were standard practice.

“This is not a new document — and follows a long standing practice of government departments having guides on language,’’ he said.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

PC nonsense getting out of hand when will we be seeing some common sense around instead of this idiotic stuff?

Anonymous said...

avoid offending LGBTI colleagues.

I am in favor of offending LGBTI idiots !

Anonymous said...

What if I find the term 'heteronormative' offensive? ;-)

Malcolm Smith said...

In point of fact, it is highly offensive to refer to someone's husband or wife as a "partner". It means you either don't think they are married, or you don't think it matters.

Darzee the Tailorbird said...

How to offend a liberal use the terms HUSBAND & WIFE,MOTHER & FATHER,BROTHER & SISTER,MAN & WOMAN,BOY & GIRL these are sure to make little snowflakes whine

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Smith,

The problem with your reasoning is that the definition of "spouse" includes "partner."

A "partner" is perfectly acceptable for describing a person in a marriage in relation to the other.

That is, of course, unless you happen to think that people can be in a marriage of one without someone else.

There are many things that are "highly offensive." The accurate description of people in a marriage as being "partners" is not mildly offensive, much less "highly offensive."

Anonymous said...


It is offensive if he says it is offensive!