Monday, January 23, 2017

Racist media figure comments on audience at Trump's inauguration

An ABC anchor has sparked outrage after calling Trump's inauguration audience 'the ice cream of America'.  Byron Pitts, who is the co-anchor of Nightline, made the comment on Friday to ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

He said: 'You said earlier how Donald Trump is an optics guy. He said, talking about Michael Pence, "He looked the part."  'Think about this crowd and think about the divided America. We talked about the noise of the racial divide, this is the whisper of the racial divide in America.

'Now think back to when President Obama took office for the first time, how diverse the crowd was. You saw the rainbow of America.

'Today this looks like the ice cream of America. Right? It is an overwhelmingly white audience.'

He continued: 'Donald Trump clearly is the president of blue-collar America. He talked about the forgotten people.

'Well, there are a lot of folk who will see today and feel forgotten, because they don't see themselves in the audience.'

Twitter users criticized Pitts for his remark, which came during ABC's coverage of the inaugural parade.

One user tweeted: '@byronpitts - You sir are a racist. When BO was elected no one said "the his support came from blacks even though 99% supported him.'

Another person said: '@byronpitts stop being such a racist, Trump hater. Be an AMERICAN for 1 day at least for crying out loud. Trump loves America.'

'@byronpitts The "ice cream of America"? You racist f***... Way to contribute to the divide,' a Twitter user said.



Anonymous said...

Doesn't know there are different flavors of ice cream. Wonder if he made the same comment about the overwhelmingly "vanilla" women's march yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Some blacks are the worst racists.

Bird of Paradise said...

Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton,Calypso Louie,NBPP,Nation of Islam,Spike Lee all are racists

Anonymous said...

I cut the cable early last year so all I have are the alphabets. I started out watching ABC early Friday but I had to change the channel well before the oath. The negativity and outright disdain for Trump was too much to listen to from a supposed media outlet.

Dean said...

To the best of my knowledge nobody forced the chocolate ice cream to avoid the inauguration. They were as welcome as the vanilla.

But Mr. Pitts is correct. Trump remembered the forgotten white middle class. Well, not really forgotten, mostly ignored except for Clinton's comment about them being deplorable. In that one remark she revealed just how racist and bigoted she really is, and how the democrats view white, middle class people - those who make up the majority of this country - as unimportant, of no worth.

That view of America cost her the election. And put Trump in the White House.

Trump has repeatedly said he wants to build this country so that all can have jobs, so that all can have a decent education, all can have a good life. Perhaps Mr. Pitts should check out the definition of 'all'.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr Pitts should realise he is abusing black privilege with his comment on a white person. A privilege awarded by the media without any reason other than some people are black and the media feel that they are discriminated against unjustly so allow black people to discriminate unjustly. Go Figure.