Thursday, January 12, 2017

Must not be related to anyone who supported Trump

Leftist viciousness at work

L.L. Bean doesn’t sell flak jackets, but the Maine-based purveyor of just about every other kind of outdoor gear might need a few after finding itself caught in the middle of a political skirmish over its namesake heiress and her support of President-elect Donald Trump.

Some customers vowed to boycott the family-owned company after learning last week that Linda Bean, the granddaughter and heir of company founder Leon Leonwood Bean and a longtime Republican activist, bankrolled a political action committee in her efforts to support Trump.

That led L.L. Bean’s board chairman, Shawn Gorman, a great-grandson of L.L. Bean, to do something unusual for the company: address a political controversy head-on.

“We are deeply troubled by the portrayal of L.L. Bean as a supporter of any political agenda,” Gorman said in an open letter posted late Sunday night on Facebook.

A spokeswoman for the Freeport-based company went a step further Monday, with a reminder that the five-generation company has a sprawling family tree.

“As with most families of this size, the views of L.L.’s family members cover nearly the entire political spectrum. And as every member of this very large family would agree, no single person represents the values of the company that L.L. built,” Carolyn Beem said. “Unfortunately, some have attempted to attribute the personal political activities of one member of a five-generation ownership family to our entire company. That is both illogical and unfair.”

L.L. Bean is hoping to avoid the bruising public relations imbroglios that have struck other companies with products seen as linked to Trump’s policies or his or daughter Ivanka Trump’s commercial and retail businesses.

Boston-based New Balance is still grappling with the negative publicity that came after it offered favorable comments about Trump’s position on global trade late last year.

Those comments prompted some unhappy customers to destroy their New Balance shoes by lighting them on fire or attempting to flush them down a toilet in a social media protest that went viral.

“That’s it. No more Bean,” John Eismann from Oakwood, Ohio, posted on L.L. Bean Northport’s Facebook page, echoing other commentators.

To which Chris Dixon of Auburn, Maine, replied: “Good lord, so many people want to punish a good business over one person having free speech in the United States of America?”



Anonymous said...

The virulent hate of some Liberals is now being focused on Donald Trump.
Liberals think that they have special abilities to tell others what is right.

Bird of Paradise said...

Phooie on those idiots they can go shop at a place for to their setting like Snowflakes useds Whinigs and Snivels

Dean said...

An email was sent to Shannon Coulter ( thanking her for the list of Trump supporters and expressing my intention to provide as much business for those on the list as possible. In addition as statement was made about liberals spreading hate.

In her reply Ms. Coulter denied that hate had anything to do with the called for boycott, that boycotts are a right according to the supreme court, that Trump and Christians have called for boycotts so it isn't a liberal thing.

I stand corrected, kind of. Trump and Christian groups have called for boycotts. And were accused of being 'haters' and spreading hate for doing so by liberals.

So which is it? Are boycotts a way of spreading hate or not. Apparently when organized by liberals they are not. When organized by conservatives they are.

Just another bit of liberal hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Studies have shown that liberal boycotts are not as effective as conservative boycotts due to the limited number and short duration of most participants. I grew up in Levi jeans but have not worn a pair since the entire Strauss family started supporting anti individual rights causes with the companies profits. Most of us do not want our hard earned money going to support causes we oppose so we have to make a decision and with the wealth of choices we can. I seriously doubt LL Bean will suffer much because they are a great company with excellent product and customer service and the entire family is not supporting the left or the right as in the case of the Strausses.