Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gross Leftist hate speech

A Saturday Night Live writer who made a bad-taste joke about Barron Trump on Twitter has apologized for her 'inexcusable' actions after she was suspended from the show.

On Inauguration Day Katie Rich tweeted that the ten-year-old boy would become 'this country's first homeschool shooter,' but deleted it three hours later.

She then came in for an avalanche of criticism from Twitter users, who branded her 'scum', called for her account to be blocked, and urged NBC to fire her.

Rich wasn't fired, but she was suspended indefinitely from working on the show after the furor failed to cool down over the weekend, an insider told Deadline Monday.

Rich was not credited on Saturday's edition of the show, and it's not known when she will return.

The response to her apology was mixed, to say the least.

Many doubted the sincerity of her apology, with users John McLemore suggesting that Rich's 'conscience kicked in when the backlash started,' and Domenico Cusumano saying 'This came from somewhere that was contrived by the masses.'

And a user named 'Ashley' said: 'These people so quick to accept your insincere apology are the same ones that hold a grudge towards Trump for saying far less.'

Others were just unable to overcome their disgust at her remark.

A user called Joey complained: 'Attacking a 10 year old? Disgusting,'  while Eric Mulholland wrote: 'Insensitive probably isn't the word for it.

Even some of those who were nominally on Rich's side didn't agree with her bad-taste gag.

'Please don't do or say these things in the future, very hateful, it's the exact opposite what we need today,' said Howard Vince. 'Protest w class.'

Meanwhile, Klau said: 'I'm not a Trump supporter, quite the opposite, but that was a horrible thing you did. Barron is a kid! Shame on you!'



Anonymous said...

I have never ever watched Saturday Night Live and i'm not about to start

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are such a bunch of blabbering fools they can yammer all they want about tollrence their very intollrent

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that I am not reading pornographic suggestions about het. Obviously those that lean to the right don't follow the lead of the left in retaliation. The obsessed on the left know no boundaries in their hatred.