Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Must not correct bad spelling?

THE sun will come out tomorrow — but the social-media manager at an American school won’t be tweeting about it.

Katie Nash says she has been officially terminated over her smart-alec chastising of a student who misspelled the word tomorrow as “tammarow” on Twitter.

The trouble began January 5, when a student wrote to the Twitter account, @FCPSMaryland, asking schools to close “tammarow.”

Nash responded: “But then how would you learn how to spell ‘tomorrow’? :)”

Her response garnered more than 1000 retweets and 1000 likes and she became the subject of a hashtag, #KatiefromFCPS.

The “tammarow/tomorrow” thread continued between Nash and the student, with the student later tweeting that he didn’t mind Nash’s original reply and didn’t take it personally.



Bird of Paradise said...

Mus'nt hurt the feelings of dumber then a sack of rocks whining little liberal snowflakes less they cry about it seems to me the inmates are running to assilum

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that any young people know how to write in proper English since they have their noses stuck in their toys all the time where they use symbols instead of actual words.