Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pervasive racism at the DNC

Several calls to shut white people up

Candidates aspiring to take over as chairman of the Democratic National Committee met Monday night to discuss what went wrong in 2016 and how to get the party back on track.

Early into the event the candidates gravitated toward a particular scapegoat for the party’s poor showing in November: Political consultancies owned by white people.

“We have to stop, particularly with the consultants,” said the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Jaime Harrison. “You cannot come to the DNC and get a contract and the only minority face you have is the person answering the phone.”

Minority consultants “need to get the same resources that the white consultants have gotten,” said a Fox News analyst and candidate for the chairmanship, Jehmu Greene. "The DNC did a piss poor, pathetic job" attracting minorities, she said.

Democrats must provide “training” that focuses in part on teaching Americans “how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white,” urged the executive director of Idaho’s Democratic Party, Sally Boynton Brown, who is white.

The event’s moderator, MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid, asked the candidates how the party should handle the Black Lives Now movement.
The candidates uniformly emphasized that the party must embrace the activists unreservedly.

“It makes me sad that we’re even having that conversation and that tells me that white leaders in our party have failed,” Brown said. “I’m a white woman, I don’t get it. … My job is to listen and be a voice and shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Proves these demacrats are sore losers now they want all white people silenced just typical of a bunch of leftists socialists who want to ban guns confiscate private property and turn it over to some illegal aliens and silence white people and this is the same party that hollywood pinhead Julia Roberts said was OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE darn stupid liberals

Anonymous said...

The State of Pennsylvania released their final election tally. 77% of Registered Republicans voted but only 69% of registered Democrats. So even though there are more Democrats in the state the lack of voter turnout resulted in the loss of the state by Clinton.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic party, fixated on race since it's beginnings. It was wrong then, it is still wrong now.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that if these idiots continue to run the democratic party it will continue to implode and become politically impotent within the next ten years. The reason that they have lost consistently across the USA is their abandonment of the working class in favor of minorities and LGBT. Joe six pack woke up last year and realized that and now we have a moderate democrat as president of the United States.


Brian from Virginia said...

I've noticed that when the Democrats discuss why they lost the last election, the reason is always some 'boogeyman'. The Russians. White racists. Sexist males. Leaked emails. There is no introspection that their message was off target. Its never their own fault, so 'someone else' must be to blame.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Liberals and especialy liberal demacrats are sore losers they need to go back home but their parents sold their playpen/safe space years ago

Anonymous said...

Somewhere over the next four years white people will realise that the Democrat party no longer values their opinion and hence their vote. The will realise that the Dems treat them like sheep. Once the activist idiots catch onto this the Dems will become a nostalgic memory. If you are white you are over privileged and are of no value unless you are a complete brainwashed moron. Hello Hollywood, you bunch of wankers.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats also lost because they chose a Presidential candidate who was a liar, a crook, and not competent to be President. They thought she should win just by being female. I think that it would be fine to have a woman President is she was competent.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...


Watch them, said...

Brain from Virginia, it is because lefties do not have an internal locus of control, let alone a centralised locus of control.

Lefties have in external locus of control, except for the smartest and most conscious lefties who are outright evil and have an internal and centralised locus of control and manipulate dumber lefties to have an external locus of control.