Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pub blasted for 'sexist' online advertising campaign showing barmaid's cleavage

Pub bosses have been branded sexist for using a barmaid's cleavage to advertise their new ales.  Staff at The Victoria, in Birmingham city centre, posted the picture of Lucy Wedge, 22, posed between the pumps of their guest ales, on the venue’s Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Miss Wedge was wearing a low-cut black vest in the photo, exposing her cleavage, and numerous complaints were posted under the image, claiming it objectified women.

The photo was quickly removed from Facebook and an apology was posted, saying: 'It was meant as a light hearted joke between two female bartenders and a few of our regular guests and we could not have predicted the strong response it would receive.'

Lucy Wedge, 22, who posed for the photo, said the image was not provocative.  'If I had been there with my boobs out then fine but a bit of cleavage isn't a big problem. It wasn't a provocative photo.



Anonymous said...

So they are complaining about the ad. Are they also going to complain about the fact that every pub has waitresses with low cut tops? The pubs cater to primarily men who are served by comely young ladies. Let's worry about more important issues like crime or starving children.

Anonymous said...

Political correctness will continue with its tyranny until people stand up to it; rather than make apologies and explanations, tell the self righteous tyrants to mind their own business and stop telling others how to live!

stinky said...

Both stories today are about the PC crowd having a tantrum when others will not ceaselessly obey and worship them. Wimps.

Besides, beauty is a social construct, right? So the breasts in the pic are no more and no less attractive than the breasts of, say, a typical feminist. Just differently enabled....

Anonymous said...

I think a better response would have been to say, "Sexist? You bet! If it offends you maybe you need a drink and relax? If that doesn't suit your fancy we'd prefer your wet blanket attitude darken the doorstep of another."