Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fierce push-back as bike-race guides banned from using Yorkshire greetings

Volunteers hired to offer a warm welcome to visitors flocking to Yorkshire for this year’s Tour de France have been banned from using local phrases such as ‘love’ in case they offend visitors.

Now, chat show host Sir Michael Parkinson and veteran cricket umpire Dickie Bird have joined the protests at the ban on traditional Yorkshire terms of endearment.

And it’s not just that traditional Tyke term of endearment that’s off limits; they are also told to steer clear of addressing people as ‘mate’ and ‘darling’.

Sir Michael Parkinson, who was born near Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said: “I have never heard of anything as daft in my life.  “They are trying to ban a word that is a classic term of endearment in the north and everyone know it. Absolutely unbelieveable.

Cricketing umpire legend and Yorkshireman Dickie Bird described the ruling as ‘daft’ as he celebrated his 81st birthday watching the big derby match between Barnsley and Leeds at Oakwell. “Nah then, lad,” he said, “there’s a lot worse problems to worry about than people goin’ around calling each other ‘love’.

Proud Yorkshireman and Labour politician Lord Hattersley, still fiercely loyal to his native Sheffield, said: “The old steelworkers always called each other ‘luv’ and it did not seem to be a problem.  “It is all part of our heritage, a part of our culture.

The people of Yorkshire also voiced their annoyance at the ruling.
Roy Stockdill, said: “What a load of old toffee and twaddle! Is there nowhere these days that the tyranny of lunatic political correctness doesn't raise its ugly head?  "Good job the Tour de France isn't going through Newcastle because I believe Geordies call everybody "pet".  Honestly, what is the world coming to?”



Anonymous said...

The answer to give critics is simple; it's all part of "cultural diversity" which the left loves so much.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Tour De Farce riding through Yorkshire in the first place? Little lost aren't they?

Anonymous said...

White is right.

Anonymous said...

Cultural Diversity apparently equals very un-diverse speech. Amazing how tolerant the PC crowd is of people's everyday speech. They are concerned someone MAY be offended by the endearment "love" but unconcerned that the whole community IS offended by the actions of the speech police.

Bird of Paradise said...

The Euroweenie Union is at it again