Monday, April 14, 2014

Naughty, naughty

The photos are just the usual arty fashion crap.  There is no pretence that they represent anything but themselves

Heidi Klum is facing backlash for posting photos from a photoshoot inspired by Native American costumes, which included feather headdresses and face paint.

Hostile responses began pouring in directly after Klum shared several photos on her Facebook page late last month. The photos feature models who are competition on "Germany's Next Top Model," the reality television series which Klum hosts.

"Here are my beautiful GNTM girls," Klum captioned the post, which featured 12 black-and-white photos.

In almost every photo, the models donned feather headdresses, face paint, animal skin dresses and some even posed with items such as drums, bows, and arrows. Other images, which were all shot in Utah, include a model posing before a teepee wearing a Navajo patterned blanket, moccasin boots and face paint, while in the next a model wears her hair in brads with antlers on her head.

In one particularly controversial photo, a close-up of a blonde model reveals intricate face paint, a turquoise ring and one tear rolling down her cheek- bringing to mind the Trail of Tears and the forced relocation of Native Americans in parts of the U.S. during the 1830s.

As a result, thousands of comments have flooded Klum's Facebook accusing the German supermodel of being intolerant. Comments range from calling the "GNTM" photo shoot "racist," "culturally insulting," and "disrespectful," among many other angrier reactions.


Just who exactly is being intolerant here?


Anonymous said...

Oh Please! If all the complainers wanted to do an all Indian fashion shoot, why didn't they? The media would certainly have fallen all over themselves to cover the wonderful diversity of it all. So once again, why didn't you guys think of it, publicize it and just do it, while giving work to some real Indian models, hmm?

Anonymous said...

Article in our paper's entertainment section about Cher's "Dressed To Kill" 2014 farewell tour. The picture with it showed her in a full length head dress, a loin cloth and nothing else. I guess that's OK because she supports liberal causes.

Anonymous said...

Libs could say ANYTHING and they will claim no harm intended; it's just a joke or art or some other novsense. They will deride you as humorless, oversensative,or ironically, intolerant. I've encourntered TOO many time racist statement from self professed libs who are closet bigots. As an Americans of Asian heritage, I know what I said first hand.

Anonymous said...

The leftist mindset is to be offended that you merely exist and use up precious resources that they perhaps could otherwise hoard for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, who cares? It's a costume for a photo shoot, get over it.

PROTIP - Someone send the complainers the clip of Mel Brooks as an Indian chief in "Blazing Saddles" and speaking (I think) Yiddish...

Anonymous said...

Germans accusing someone of being racists?

Pot meet kettle!

Anonymous said...

don't like it? don't watch it. turn the channel. problem solved.

Anonymous said...

liberals judging others by outward appearance once again, how predictable.