Tuesday, April 01, 2014

American Airlines staff leaves "cruel" note on deaf passenger’s bag

This is largely a misunderstanding.  People born deaf are unable to learn to speak so were once routinely referred to as "deaf and dumb".  That won't do in the sensitive times of today, however

James Moehle and Angela Huckaby were returning home to Houston from a vacation in Hawaii when one of their bags was misplaced by the airline. When it was delivered later, a handwritten note attached to the bag read, “Please Text Deaf And Dumb.”

Moehle’s mother, Kaye Moehle, said the note was “outrageous and cruel and unnecessary.”

Airline spokesman Casey Norton said Friday that the employee who wrote the note did not intend to insult anyone and will go through sensitivity training.

One of the couple’s bags was misplaced on the final leg of the couple’s journey home, from Dallas to Houston. In such cases, American uses another company to delivery late-arriving baggage to passengers.

Norton said an American employee who is not a native English speaker scrawled the note to alert a delivery driver that he should contact the couple by text message when delivering the bag.



Anonymous said...

The eternal quest for yet fresh euphemisms. It's like searching for new effective drugs!

Eat This Name, Steffie said...

AA is cool doing that. Corporations always trump people.

Bird of Paradise said...

DeafMutes are smarter then burrcrtas

Anonymous said...

I suppose.they would have rather not received their bag back so they wouldn't have to read the note. I think the airline would have been better off just discarding the luggage rather than doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Or they could have stopped at the words "Please text". In the modern world a request for a text instead of a call is hardly unusual.