Sunday, April 13, 2014

Liberal intolerance in Ireland too

The hullabaloo over an article by Brenda Power in relation to a piece she wrote earlier this week that bemoaned the current state of Traveller 'culture' has seen her attacked on all sides, with her opponents seemingly queueing up to portray the woman as the new Hitler.

But this may be an argument that the likes of Pavee Point and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties come to regret starting.

It's easy to mock Liveline, and Lord knows I am the first to make a snarky comment about some of the loonier contributors to that show. But there are times when it simply comes into its own and acts as a vague barometer for the nation and Wednesday's bust-up between Martin Collins of Pavee Point and Power, quickly followed by Mark Kelly of The Irish Council for Civil Liberties, gave us a chilling illustration of just how dangerously intolerant some people can be.

And no, I'm not referring to Power.

I am instead referring to the fact that not only are the 'offended' parties busy writing angry letters to Power's editor, which is their right, and making plaintive calls to the Press Council, which is also their right, they then informed us that they were also going to scuttle off to the gardaĆ­ to report her for Incitement to Racial Hatred. There's little point in going through the offending piece. It has been rehashed elsewhere and the points she raised are nothing we haven't seen or heard before.

But the hysteria that greeted it, and the determined efforts to portray the woman as a criminal menace for expressing an opinion, are a perfect, if unpleasant, example of the deranged intolerance of the liberal diversity industry.


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Anonymous said...

There is no point at which morality, decency, or sanity would kick in among the herd that elected Obama, because nothing is so depraved or horrific that liberals would not support it, so long as they believe it to be politically correct. Partial birth abortion is only the most obvious example. Review the history of Third Reich and Stalinist Russia to get an idea of where their mentality is likely to lead if non-progressives don’t start putting up more serious resistance.