Friday, April 04, 2014

Canada still intolerant of free speech

A Toronto man has been sentenced to nine months in jail after he was convicted of willfully promoting hatred against Muslims -- a charge rarely laid in Ontario courtrooms.  Eric Brazau was found guilty in February of the charge only after police and the Crown attorney received consent from the deputy attorney general.

The hate charge stemmed from incidents dating back to September 2012, when Brazau handed out homemade flyers bearing the hand-written words, "They are here and breeding." Printed below was an excerpt from the Qur'an, which read, "Kill them wherever you find them."

Brazau was sentenced to nine months in jail on Tuesday afternoon. However, since Brazau has already spent 9.5 months in pretrial custody, he will not be held any longer.  In addition, he must serve 18 months' probation, cannot contact victims and must avoid certain places where he was known to distribute flyers.

Brazau told CTV Toronto that no sentence would deter him from continuing to spread his sentiments about Islam.

The flyers included photos of men, women and children dressed in tradition Muslim garb, including one photo of a Toronto man and his wife as she pushed a stroller.

On the other side of the pamphlet were "a number of graphic images... (that) associated the Islamic religion and the prophet Muhammad with pedophilia, bestiality and Satanism," Justice Ford Clements wrote in a judgement last February.


Sounds like there was too much truth in the flyers


Anonymous said...

I worked in Saudi Arabia for a time and a large portion of the Islamic population has an unreasoned hatred (not dislike, hatred) for anyone who does not believe in Islam. It spanned all economic and educational levels and even well educated people who were aware of the flaws in the practice of Islam would not condemn or even discuss those flaws. Until that condemnation from within can take hold Islam will not be able to coexist with the rest of society in the western world.


Anonymous said...

Should have quoted Mein Kampf or Das Kapital and he would have been OK

Anonymous said...

Once the hornet nest is built on your property it's often too troublesome to disturb it without painful consequences, so you have to punish people who go around upsetting the nest.

Anonymous said...

An excellent analogy 2:23!

Anonymous said...

More libby tolerance for you