Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Must not say that criminal immigrants should be sent home

Geert Wilders in the Netherlands:

What happened was that, in a bid to rouse the crowd, Wilders turned to a reliable old bogeyman, Moroccan immigrants – particularly those between 12 and 24, who can be shown statistically to be responsible for a disproportionately high share of crime in parts of the country.

“Do you want more or fewer Moroccans in your city and in the Netherlands”, Mr Wilders roared to the crowd? “Fewer, fewer, fewer”, they roared in return.

To the delight of the crowd and the amazement of watching journalists, this went on for several minutes until finally, with a slight smile, Wilders leaned to the microphone and said: “Then we’re going to organise it.”

That may turn out to have been the worst mistake the Freedom Party leader has ever made. The Dutch hate to appear intolerant, even about intolerance, and so attacking Wilders, even as a political opponent is always a delicate operation. Not this time, however. Broadcaster RTL took the unprecedented step of publishing an editorial saying Wilders “should be deeply ashamed” and warning his performance would invite comparisons with Hitler and revive memories of the Dutch deportation of 110,000 Jews during the second World War.

This was a theme taken up by BNR Radio News editor in chief Sjors Frohlich, who said that in the past he had always dismissed comparisons between Wilders and Hitler.

“But after last night, I finally at least understand where the people who make that comparison are coming from. Especially since it’s clear that Wilders was consciously and deliberately manipulating his audience.”


Both the UK and the USA do already deport criminal immigrants


Anonymous said...

"Both the UK and the USA do already deport criminal immigrants"

If so, why is Justin Bieber still here?

Anonymous said...

The USA does not deport ENOUGH criminal immigrants.


Anonymous said...

So does Australia.
But it wasn't about criminals - it was about Moroccans generally.
Is it wrong for people to want less immigration? Aren't countries entitled to decide who they welcome into their country? Are borders completely meaningless now?
Would the press response have been different if they were arguing for fewer French?

Bird of Paradise said...

We keeps thems in prison until theve done their time thens we returns them home