Monday, October 28, 2013

UK soldiers investigated after performing Nazi-style salute in Helmand 

This is mainly the typical trawling for "offence" that is something of a blood-sport in Britain. 

The Nazi salute and the Red Hand of Ulster salute are similar but are quite different in concept.  In the Fascist salute the arm is held out just slightly elevated.  In the Red Hand salute the hand is held high -- to make sure enemies see it.  And, perhaps because the two salutes can slide into one-another, the soldiers even made clear that it was the Ulster salute by photographing it against a backdrop of an Ulster flag and a Loyalist flag.

The Northern Irish antagonisms are still fierce.  The fighting and bombing there has died down only because huge walls have been built between the two communities.  Politically correct bleatings will be completely ignored by both sides

In an image which will cause widespread outrage, two serving British soldiers appear to give Nazi-style salutes while standing to attention in front of the Union Flag.

Apparently taken at an Army base in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, the photograph will provoke international disgust as Remembrance Day approaches.

Last night the Ministry of Defence told The Mail on Sunday that both soldiers have been investigated by Army chiefs. A spokesman said: ‘The two people doing the salute in the photo have been spoken to.  'This sort of behaviour has no place in the Armed Forces. We take such matters seriously.’

The Ministry of Defence yesterday confirmed that the men in the photograph were genuine soldiers.

The photograph also shows the flag of Northern Ireland, while the Union Flag is inscribed with ‘Invicta Loyal’ – the name of a Glasgow Rangers supporters’ club, based in Kent.

There is a suggestion that the gesture may be a ‘Red Hand of Ulster’ salute, a gesture once used by Rangers football fans to show allegiance with Northern Irish Loyalists.

But Mr Mann, the MP for Bassetlaw, added: ‘Whether they call it  a “Red Hand salute” or whatever makes absolutely no difference – this is one of the most offensive  gestures they could make in the modern world.’

The Ministry of Defence said the men had been subjected to ‘administrative action’ – a process of investigation with possible punishment if the personnel are found to have breached Army regulations.

Soldiers are allowed to belong to political parties, but are banned from political marches and demonstrations, and are expected to abide by Army values.



Anonymous said...

watch out, gestures can be illegal now. lol, how big brotherish of the government to even care.

Bird of Paradise said...

And what about the Black Power salute? as same as the communists salute

Use the Name, Luke said...

Being able to tell the difference the Nazi salute and the "Red Hand of Ulster" salute requires actually knowing about the latter. Somehow I doubt that it's well known even in the United Kingdom, nevermind worldwide. Given the explanation, it seems that they probably didn't intend to cause offense, but I find it hard to imagine how they could be unaware of the similarity to the toxic Nazi salute.

This one strikes me as being very similar to these famous last words, "Hey y'all! Hold my beer and watch this!"

Anonymous said...

Well, didn't the Romans have that kind of salute first (nothing new under the sun!).