Wednesday, October 16, 2013

'He said some very inappropriate things given how old he is'

He was either drunk or insane  -- or maybe merely "modern"  -- JR

Former Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood was condemned by students yesterday for his ‘vulgar and sexist’ stage show at a freshers party.

The 56-year-old compere made comments to his teen audience about their genitalia - singling out specific revellers for lewd comments and unwanted advances.

He was the guest DJ at Leicester University’s We Love R&B gig at the O2 Academy in Leicester on Saturday.

At one point he was heard shouting over the microphone: ‘Girl in the front row with the black dress on, I will be f****** you later.’

‘The impression I gained from the girls I was clubbing with was that he was plain derogatory and, although a commendable DJ, had no place in our O2 Academy if he wished to conduct himself in such a manner.’


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Pure stupidity.