Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Must not mention that many Poles work in the building trades

They do in Britain.  Britain would be very leaky without its Polish plumbers

TV presenter Adrian Chiles has been forced to apologise over jokes about Polish football fans.

Chiles, whose mother is Croatian, blundered during ITV's coverage of England's 4-1 win over Montenegro when discussing the next World Cup qualifying match at Wembley against Poland.

Speaking at the end of the match, Chiles said: 'It’s practically a home game for Poland – 15,000 Poles will be in here, I’m sure.'

Pundit Lee Dixon then responded: 'Hopefully, they’re all crying at the end.' To which Chiles said: 'I’m trying to get some building work done at the moment, quite seriously. Be careful.'

In a statement, Chiles said: 'I made the remark in relation to the nice Polish builders currently working at my place, who I knew would already be fed up having watched their team lose to Ukraine.

'No offence was intended - apart from anything else I could hardly be prouder of my own East European background.  'But to anyone who thought what I said constituted some kind of lazy stereotyping, and was offended by it, I certainly apologise.'



Anonymous said...

Britain is already leaky Jon. It's oozing reality and commonsense, and no plumber can fix that.

Anonymous said...

Speak for your own country 3:03 AM, as I very much doubt it fares any better, and per chance you're merely "pointing fingers from the gutter"!.