Thursday, October 03, 2013

KonKrete Kid = KKK?

An online petition is claiming the Northampton Area School District's Konkrete Kid moniker is racist because of the way "Konkrete" is spelled.

The Northampton Area School District has proudly embraced its historical ties to the cement industry over the years, teaching generations of children what it means to be a Konkrete Kid.

An online petition on surfaced last week, accusing the district of racism because of the way "Konkrete" is spelled.

The online petition, which lists its author as Terrance Jackson, had amassed more than 2,800 hits by early Monday evening. The author writes that the area is "well-known for its rich ties with the [Ku Klux Klan]", and joins the words "Konkrete" and "Kids" together in one stream, while uppercasing the second "k" in the first word.

And while board members and administrators came to the meeting with pens, notepads and laptops, Pany came armed with a pennant; a gift from a former student that he estimated could date back as far as 70 years. Embossed in gold writing on the navy blue felt was the moniker "Konkrete Kids".  At no time, he said, has the school district ever been racist. "There's no inference that we were an intolerant school district," he said.

The spelling, they quickly point out, is simply from the German, which is commonly displayed with a K.



Anonymous said...

"Beware of those who cry racism, for they are the true racists..." -- Spider

Anonymous said...

Look there is a cow with more whit eon it than black, that farmer is racists.

The shopping day black Friday is racists.

Day time is racists (because it is "light" out)!

Oil is racist!

Tires are racists (rubber is black)!

Coffee is racists, because you but (white) milk in it to "dilute" it!

See how stupid this stuff is?

Anonymous said...

4:01 AM is racist

TheOldMan said...

Should have called themselves the "Senator Robert Byrd(D)" kids to honor the late KKK member and recuiter.

Anonymous said...

instead of stopping murder, rape and assault, they'd rather go after words.