Monday, October 21, 2013

The New Broadcast Profanity: ‘Redskins'?

Conservatives begin by revering tradition; liberals often by trashing it. In fact, it doesn't bother liberals that something they found acceptable one day is declared — by them — repugnant the next. It's taken only a few days of liberal media agitation for MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell to announce that Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is "the George Wallace of the NFL."

Snyder saying he'll never change his team's name has somehow become historically comparable to George Wallace's "segregation forever." It's suddenly so offensive, apparently, that the leftists who have gone to court to make the airwaves safe for every profanity imaginable, in the name of free speech and tolerance, are now petitioning the Federal Communications Commission to ban "the R-word" from television.

They're urging the broadcasters to "self-regulate" the team name out of existence. But why would you petition the FCC to urge the media to self-regulate? It's nonsensical — unless self-regulation is merely a first step.

The word "Redskins" is so apparently offensive they've made the team sound like a porn film. Here is the insanity: They'd be less offended — and in some circles of the libertine community, openly supportive — if Snyder renamed the team the "Foreskins."

These liberals are not reflecting a nation's outrage. They are attempting to create it.  Only 11 percent of Americans (and 10 percent of Native-Americans) are offended by "Redskins,"



Anonymous said...

The Redskins are so named because their first coach was an American Indian somewhere around eighty years ago in Boston.

Anonymous said...

Facts be damned, liberals have to show how concerned they are for a minority group. Every week they define some old tradition as "offensive". Unfortunately for them, some radio stations are not playing along.

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Anonymous said...

I have an idea, lets call them the washington "thin skins!"

Anonymous said...

I say we call them the washington "red inks!"

Then they can move to DC without changing their name again!

President Not Sure said...

I graduated from Cardinal Gibbons HS in South Florida in 1997 and at that time we were the Redskins. When they called last time for alumni donations on behalf of the "Cardinal Gibbons Chiefs" I told them I have never heard of them, but I would be willing to donate to the Cardinal Gibbons Redskins, if they ever change their name back.