Monday, October 07, 2013

Florida city orders residents to remove 'God Bless America' signs

Residents of a Florida city who have had "God Bless America" signs posted on their front lawns for months have been ordered by local officials to remove them. reports that the First Baptist Church of Bartow distributed some 300 signs to residents following a Fourth of July celebration. The city only permits residents to display signs during major holidays is starting to crack down on the displays.

"Being a veteran, I felt like I was just kicked in the gut. I couldn't believe it, that I couldn't display my love for my nation by putting a sign up that says "God Bless America," Bartow resident Marcus Seger told the station.

Some Bartow residents disagree with the ordinance and have no plans to comply with the city's request. "This is my yard that I'm paying the taxes on. It's my right," Emmett Purvis, an area resident with a sign, told



Anonymous said...

The only thing these homeowners need to decided is, what they'll do with all the money they're going to win from PC'ized nitwits who run this FloriDUH hellhole, where apparently, news of the First Amendment has yet to reach.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a slam dunk lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

If it said "Allah is great" it would have probably been OK.

Bird of Paradise said...

Go tell those stupid city officials to GO TO HELL they have no buisness telling the residence what they can have in their own yards

Anonymous said...

Well unless I woke up in russia, I would tell them to go f themselves!


"The First Amendment does not recognize exceptions for bigotry, racism, and religious intolerance or ideas or matters some may deem trivial, vulgar or profane."

Anonymous said...

I guess you folks would not mind then having a nude statue in your neighbor's front yard.

Anonymous said...

That all depends on who the model was.

This is what FL. gets for allowing all those old socialist Jews to move down from NYC.