Monday, October 07, 2013

Must not make realistic comments about China

Lord Sugar has been investigated by police after being accused of posting a racist Twitter message, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The outspoken entrepreneur and Apprentice star posted a photograph of a crying Chinese child to 3.2 million Twitter followers, joking that the youngster was upset after being told off for leaving Apple’s iPhone production  line – a reference to the Asian factories where the phones are made.

The tweet prompted a single complaint to the Metropolitan Police from a Twitter user, who referred to the Labour peer as a ‘vile racist’.

Police contacted the complainant twice, urging her to make a statement at a police station, which she eventually did, and yesterday police confirmed that officers from Merseyside’s Hate Crime Investigation Unit took several days to decide whether a crime had been committed by the Labour peer’s tweet.

However, the remark was in the end classed as a ‘hate incident’ – which means no further action will be taken, although details will be kept on file.

Last night, the TaxPayers’ Alliance condemned the police investigation, insisting officers should not waste time chasing ‘ill-thought-out tweets’.

Liverpool shop owner Nichola Szeto, whose husband and family are Chinese, complained to the Metropolitan Police Twitter account, saying: ‘I thought racism was illegal.’



Anonymous said...

More proof that the UK is DOA. Good riddance.

Stefan v said...

It is still twitching and in its death throes will crush many people. If only stupidity were illegal. Or, existing laws should have been enforced long ago. For example treason. Lots of that in academia, politics, law, civil service. Remember Blair voided the old law about that; probably didn't like the idea of an itchy bit of hemp around his neck. Ah well...still one more court appearance for him, and that one cannot be dodged or subverted.

Anonymous said...

I think it is racist to ignore that children do work in Chinese factories!

Anonymous said...

The article just reflects the well-known reporting-slant of the Mail, which appeals to certain prejudices amongst a certain section of the UK population; and perhaps unbeknown to the Mail, it evidently sparks off the anti-UK prejudices of the US anglo-phobes who infest this site!

Anonymous said...

That's funny calling the UK DOA etc. when the US can simply shut down its government just because of myopic puerile in-fighting!
The political and social decadence in the USA sounds more like the "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" every day!

Anonymous said...

Allow me to state the obvious for the slow learning leftist on here:

"The First Amendment does not recognize exceptions for bigotry, racism, and religious intolerance or ideas or matters some may deem trivial, vulgar or profane."

Stefan v said...

Face it, the Constitution is void and irrelevant, as are the Amendments. The Republic was lost back when Lincoln had a healthy body temperature, the corpse has just taken a while to get to rotting enough for even the blindest to notice. Deal with it. If you can get out, do so immediately. If you can't....buckle up for a wild ride.