Thursday, October 03, 2013

Truth is NOT racist for once!

The Dean of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts and Sciences is Ronald Jackson, who is black. There has been a lot of dissatisfaction with him and calls for his resignation.  A major point of dissatisfaction is that he has been seen as giving preference to other blacks in hiring.  So when a cartoon expressed that, the reaction was surprisingly muted

Recently a racist cartoon targeting top leaders of the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences circulated across campus. The News Record pursued the story and was the first media outlet in Cincinnati to report the news.

During the course of our reporting, we faced multiple occasions where sources declined to be identified. When The News Record chose to run the original cartoon, which said Dean Ronald Jackson and Assistant Dean Carol Tonge Mack would not hire people that did not look like them, we received criticism for our decision. Some readers said running the cartoon spread hatred; others said the cartoon was not “that bad” or racially insensitive. But again, most sources wouldn’t be quoted on the record, including a constitutional law expert.

Top officials — including University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono, Provost Beverly Davenport and Student Body President Joe Blizzard — released a vague statement urging the university community to practice civility. In the statement, the cartoon was described as “crude,” but never racist or derogatory.



Anonymous said...

It should be no surprise to anyone who pays attention to know that blacks will (always) favor other blacks when given the authority to hire or appoint. The reason is simple. They (cover) for each other.

In the last year, about a dozen elected and appointed black officials in the NYS legislature have been indicted and/or arrested, and it's always for the same reason. Gross corruption. And in each case, it was discovered these crooks were (covered) by other blacks they hired and/or appointed to official positions. Sadly, it seems to be part of their basic "character".

Anonymous said...

Why work when you can steal.

Anonymous said...

"Why work when you can steal."

You talking about Congress?

Anonymous said...

The World is laughing at the US. A country that thinks it's the most powerful in the World, but uses its power to shoot itself in the national "foot" !!