Friday, October 11, 2013

Quebec's fightback against encroaching Muslim culture upsets the do-gooders

The Quebec government's proposal would ban “overt and conspicuous” religious symbols by government employees;  Would make it mandatory to have one’s face uncovered while providing or receiving a state service;  Will entrench the concept of religious neutrality in the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms

I wasn’t very proud to be a Québécois this week. The masquerade that was the unveiling of the Charter of Québécois Values deeply embarrassed me, and worried me, because this debate revealed the darker side of the Québécois soul and the less noble aspects of Quebec nationalism.

I understand the concerns of citizens who support the charter. They want some clarity around the kinds of accommodations we are prepared to make, so they don’t go too far; and they fear that certain fundamental principles — especially equality between men and women — are threatened.

But there are other, less noble reasons that some are applauding the Marois government’s project. There are, in Quebec as there are elsewhere, currents of opposition to immigration that are sometimes expressions of fear, of ethnocentrism, of involuntary xenophobia, but also sometimes of racism pure and simple.


Equality is all very well but you must not upset the sacred Muslims, apparently.  Quebec may be the only sane part of Canada.


Anonymous said...

Radical Muslims the world over are laughing. They are amused at how easy it is to conquer the West. With the help of weakness, stupidity, and of course, political correctness, their task will be an easy one.

"Weakness begets aggression..." - Sun Tzu

Anonymous said...

Changes like this are clearly aimed at something in particular.
No-one seemed to want to outlaw stuff when nuns wore habits, people wore crosses on neck chains, or Jews wore yarmulkes.

Anonymous said...

since it applies to everyone it's equal. move along, no special execeptions for terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed was about flesh, not spirit. his "rewards" were flesh not spirit. His god is the Devil.