Tuesday, October 01, 2013

More Leftist hate speech

Consider the spot that the University of Kansas finds itself in after a journalism professor’s recent tweet wished violence on the National Rifle Association after the Washington Navy Yard shootings.

“Blood is on the hands of the #NRA,” David Guth tweeted. “Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters.”

The reaction to Guth’s comments was fast and furious, especially from conservative Kansas legislators who want Guth fired and who threaten to oppose funding for the university. KU has put the tenured associate journalism professor on leave.

Now, in the wake of Guth’s tweet, some Kansas lawmakers are signaling hostility to upcoming university budget requests.

A local teacher, state Sen. Greg Smith, a Republican from Overland Park, issued a statement saying he wouldn’t recommend his students attend KU nor would he support increased funding for the school’s Lawrence campus.

“What (Guth) did was hate speech,” Smith said. “If the University of Kansas is going to promote hate speech that’s not something that’s within the public policy of the state of Kansas and he doesn’t need to be employed.”

Senate President Susan Wagle thinks other senators will agree with Smith, especially if Guth remains employed at KU.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education wrote KU’s chancellor, urging the school not to yield to political pressure.

A university spokesman declined comment on the foundation’s letter and added that Guth was put on leave to “ensure there were not continued disruptions to the educational environment in the school.”

Academic freedom, Downs said, was set back by a Supreme Court ruling in 2006 that said the jobs of public employees making statements in their official duties are not covered by the First Amendment. The lower courts, he said, have given schools the authority to limit faculty speech.



Anonymous said...

There are a lot of liberal idiots employed at Universities and colleges, but that does not necessarily mean that students should not go there.

Anonymous said...

To call these places universities is a stretch, as most are nothing more than liberal indoctrination camps. It would seem students must confine their right of free speech to designated "free speech" zones, while the so-called educators are free to burst into off topic rants on any and all subjects in their classrooms. Woe be unto any student who has the courage to walk out on one of these clowns, as the administration is likely to be composed of the same sort of lefty loons. When pressure is applied for appropriate redress the standard "solution" is to give the perp a paid vacation.

Use the Name, Luke said...

There are a lot of liberal idiots employed at Universities and colleges

When that is the predominant bias—especially when it goes so far as to protect such blatant hate speech—that is the reason why students should not go there.

Anonymous said...

I see this as a bad idea. Just because we can do a "Turnabout is fair play" thing to a leftist for once doesn't make it any more right than when they hound out someone on the right for something they said.

Anonymous said...

Don't sink to their level. He said it, so what?

Malcolm Smith said...

KU has just discovered what conservative commentators have long been warning about: it sounds like a good idea to suppress speech you don't like, but the time will come when that precedent be turned around and used against you.

Anonymous said...

Cut off (all) they're funding. Now!! Show them as much tolerance as the Left shows everyone else. ZERO!

Anonymous said...

No matter what happens, no one limited his free speech. He may have to deal with the consequences of what he said. This is no different with everyone in the private sector. If you embarrass your employer and make him/her look bad you may be fired. A good personal quality to develop is discretion.