Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Must not hi-five kids

A lollipop man [road-crossing warden for schoolchildren] has quit his post after he was threatened with suspension for high-fiving school children by council bosses.

Bob Slade, 65, had been a crossing patrol supervisor outside the Manadon Vale primary school in Plymouth, Devon, for four-and-a-half years.

But the former dockyard worker resigned after Plymouth City Council said he would be suspended for four weeks for high-fiving children - which they said was a safety concern.

Mr Slade said: 'I really enjoyed the job. I have been doing it for more than four years without a single accident.

'The parents were all happy for me to do so and I would always ensure their safety but once the council told me I would be suspended, I thought it was best I resigned.

"They told me to be very friendly with the children when I first got the job, which I did.'

Parents of children at the school have backed Mr Slade and slammed the 'ridiculous' council decision.

Helen Delamer posted: 'A lollipop person needs to have a good rapport with the kids so they ALWAYS cross with him/her. Plymouth Councillers need to each, in turn, try doing that job themselves before coming out with this nonsense.'



Stefan v said...

Road safety suggestion: post times in local papers about when & where Councillors will be standing in the middle of the road whilst wearing high visibility clothing and holding a big target on a stick. It will be safe to cross anywhere else. For the drivers: Be sure to use heavy vehicles with suitable windscreen reinforcement, for example the 'roo bars and mesh used in the Aussie Outback. Councillors are likely be to be somewhat flabbier than roos, but also significantly less agile thus making a solid hit easier to achieve. Please take the time to circle the block or make a regulation turn to make another pass so as to ascertain whether any further attention is required. On no account stop and reverse over the things, the driver behind you deserves a go as well. Be patient and wait your turn. Submit a bill to the Councillor's estate for vehicle repairs and cleanup of the location where democracy began to function again. Auction off the office junk, cancel the lease, and let ancillary staff find a useful job or start a small business of their own.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that PC "safety concerns" is just used as an excuse to get rid of people or situations not liked for other reasons.

Anonymous said...

Well it must be because he is a guy and he actually dared to touch a child. The next thing you know he'll be raping them.

End Sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

THIS is where liberalism is taking us!

Liberals suck the fun out of everything!

Anonymous said...

It's those PC-crazy Brits again. Don't they realize the whole world is laughing at them, or have they become used to that.

Bird of Paradise said...

I guess High-Five is offensive to muslims and islam

Anonymous said...

This was done by some self important busybody.

Anonymous said...

3:20 AM - Never mind the Brits, if you are a Yank, then look in the mirror to see one of a nation the whole World is ridiculing, and even more so at the moment than usual!