Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Unionists join Leftists as people who can be as abusive as they like

An Australian unionist was fired after putting extreme hate speech on Facebook but a body set up by Australia's Leftist government ordered him reinstated
A union delegate sacked for lampooning a Muslim colleague as a "bacon hater" on Facebook has won back his job. Glen Stutsel, a driver with transport giant Linfox, also abused two of his managers on the social networking website.

He had been discussing the habits of bears in a Facebook chat with another employee. He also said: " ... I admire any creature that has the capacity to rip Nina and Assaf heads off, shit down their throats and then chew up and spit out their lifeless body!"

The two managers, Nina Russell and Michael Assaf, complained the comments were racially derogatory, sexual discrimination and harassment.

Linfox dismissed the 22-year veteran. But he won back his job with back pay after taking an unfair dismissal case to Fair Work Australia. Tribunal commissioner Michael Roberts found Mr Stutsel's treatment was "harsh, unjust and unreasonable".


But a conservative dare not say anything like that, of course.


A. Levy said...

Should we be surprised to find that unions and radical leftists are one in the same? If that fact surprises you, you will probably also be surprised to find that the MSM and the Demoncrats are also part of that unholy group.


Anonymous said...

What is not explained is why this guy would want his job back if that's the way he felt about his supervisors.

Besides, with his attitude it's obvious it will only be a short time before he gives them another excuse to fire him again.

Bird of Paradise said...

Unions and leftists are partners in crime

Anonymous said...

Yes Bird, and they are both fueled by the incredibily stupid union members who's dues fund both movements. These are the same morons who still believe Jimmy Hoffa was an honest man.

Go Away Bird said...

When my dad worked for the local county road dept driving a dump truck he didnt belong to any union

Anonymous said...

A friend told me that where he works, you don't have to join the union if you don't want too.

Wait for it...

But you still have to pay the dues!