Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"Germanophobic" comments common in France

The French have got a lot to be Germanophobic about -- having been invaded by Germany three times in modern history and many times in the more remote past
The Prime Minister of France called for an end to the growing ‘Germanophobia’ creeping into debates about the crumbling Eurozone.

On the eve of a crunch Franco-German meeting in Paris, Francois Fillon said that President Nicolas Sarkozy ‘must not take lessons on patriotism from those who think they are defending our national interest by caricaturing our German allies.’

Arnaud Montebourg, a leading French Socialist, accused Merkel of 'Bismarck-style' policies, referring to Germany's ‘Iron Chancellor’, Otto von Bismarck, who humiliated France during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71.

And firebrand Leftist MP Jean-Marie Le Guen even compared Mr Sarkozy's meeting with Mrs Merkel to the infamous appeasement saga of the late 1930s. He spoke of 'Daladier at Munich', a reference to French Prime Minister Edouard Daladier meeting German Chancellor Adolf Hitler at the 1938 Munich Conference.

The conference saw the leaders of Britain, France and Italy agree to give the Nazis the Czech Sudetenland in a failed bid to appease Hitler a year before World War II started.



Anonymous said...

"Arnaud Montebourg, a leading French Socialist, accused Merkel of 'Bismarck-style' policies, and humiliated France..."

Someone should tell the commie that no one can humiliate France as much (or as well) as the French do.

Bird of Paradise said...

France is going down the tubes quickly

Anonymous said...

Much like the USA!

Anonymous said...

"Much like the USA!"

Just the conservative part.

Kee Bird said...

When france surrendered to the nazis they forced them to use the same railroad car the WW I armanence had been signed in and weeping frenchman upon seeing nazis in paris did the FRENCH UNDERGROUND give their lives in vain?

Anonymous said...

for f**k's sake Kee Bird get an English dictionary. The word you are abusing should be ARMISTICE!

Anonymous said...

@3:27 - JJR hired Kee Bird for entertainment on Tongue-Tied.

Kee Bird said...

Kiss off both of you

Anonymous said...

Wow Kee Bird managed to spell KISS! Maybe he's taken the hint and exchanged his seeds or nuts for a dictionary!