Monday, December 12, 2011

'She couldn't say no': The shocking state date-rape ad pulled amid anger over suggestions that drunken victims are to blame

We read:
"A controversial state-funded date-rape ad campaign that features a woman’s legs splayed on a bathroom floor with her underwear around her ankles has been pulled after a barrage of critcism.

Sex abuse charities claimed the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board posters placed blame on rape victims themselves for getting attacked – and even their friends for not preventing it.

Rape victims said the ads forced them to relive their own attacks, and the images of the girl portrayed her as a helpless victim.

The PLCB said the campaign was intended to ‘bring the most difficult conversations about over-consumption of alcohol to the forefront and all of the dangers associated with it – date rape being one of those things.’

The ad featured an image of a woman's legs on a bathroom floor with her underwear pulled down to her ankles, and the words: 'She didn't want to do it, but she couldn't say no.'

Ms Witalec said the campaign was trying to bring attention to a serious problem, not suggest rape victims are to blame.


A lot of rape IS associated with drunkenness and drug-use but it seems you are not allowed to point that out.


Liz said...

this stupidity really gets my hackles up. No, it is not a girl's fault if she gets raped. However, women should do whatever it takes to protect themselves. I have to remind my children when crossing into a stor using the crosswalk. Yes, by law the cars are supposed to stop. that doesn't mean you can assume they will stop. Being right doesn't count for much if you are dead.

Anonymous said...

There are of course many cases of serious rape where the victim (female or even male) had no chance to escape, but also many cases of putting themselves "in danger" through drink, drugs and bad company (where some blame should be shared - as in the householder leaving the doors open to thieves), or where the "victim" when later sober or clear-headed regrets what happened and cries "rape".

Anonymous said...

If she couldn't say no, and they are both drunk, then how can he say yes?

Date rape is pc crap - rape is rape.

Your choices, both good and bad, have consequences.


Anonymous said...

I have a large feeling they are trying to lump in "regret sex" into "date rape" here. Where a woman drinks too much, willingly has sex, but regrets it the next day, she wouldn't have done it but for the alcohol, and feminists consider that to be rape.

Anonymous said...

Heeding this advice would cut into Planned Parenthood's business so of course liberals are outraged at this.

stinky said...

The groups complained that "the images of the girl portrayed her as a helpless victim."...?

But that's the definition of rape, is it not?

sig said...

I'm not a teetotaler, but my view on drunkenness is the same view as with unwanted pregnancy (which is have sex responsibly or abstain.) Getting drunk is a possible consequence of drinking alcohol. Either drink responsibly, or don't drink. If you drink irresponsibly, you should be held accountable for your actions and accept the consequences.

While no woman should ever, repeat, EVER be a victim of rape, by getting drunk, she puts herself into a more vulnerable position. It's no different from locking up your possessions to prevent theft. Drink responsibly or don't drink. Simple as that. Problem is people tend to reject simple.

Bird of Paradise said...

PC stupidity stirkes again

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:53 makes a very good point. It's very easy in the PC'ized society we live in to "claim" just about anything. That's why terms like, "date-rape and hate-crimes" were invented. And, if you happen to be a member of one of the "specially protected" groups, (gays, females, blacks, etc.) you know your "claim" will be given great attention, and in many cases, far more attention than any actual evidence, or lack of same.

Today, a mere allegation from those groups can get you arrested, fired, sued, and ruined for life. And they know it! Also, members of those groups know they can make a major score ($$) by making a claim, then setteling. It's become big business.

Anonymous said...

So these people would rather NOT warn women that getting drunk makes you vulnerable to sexual assault?
Smart move.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To libs and feminists, women are never responsible/accountable for anything. So while a man would be consider a "fool" "be brougth it on himself" for walking around Harlem at 3AM with $100 bills taped to his coat, a woman would not bear any contributory culpability for getting passed out drunk when she should have been watching out for herself. It's not only a man's job to watch out for himself, but for women. As women aren't accountable.

stinky said...

You know, on second thought, I think I see the game within a game here, to wit:

The woman was portrayed as a "helpless victim." Is there any other kind?

No, of course not ... except in pc-speak, which is exactly what this is all about.

The latest pc push is to criminalize "regret sex" where the woman was not only not helpless, but a willing participant at the time ... which means "helpless" must be cast into the ditch on the road to victimhood, because if victims must be helpless, then by definition regret sex cannot be criminalized.

As I say, a game within a game, in their perpetual quest for total control.

Anonymous said...

"game within a game,"

It's more like a game within an enigma within a riddle.