Sunday, December 18, 2011

Host Kicks Atheist Off Show For Calling Jesus & the Nativity ‘An Insult’

We read:
"The atheists over at the Freedom From Religion Foundation aren’t ashamed to let their anti-faith message be heard loud and clear.

The Blaze has spoken with the group and heard, first-hand, just how strong-worded and offensive (to people of faith, at least) its message can be. Last night, the Fox Business Network’s Eric Bolling invited a FFRF representative onto his show to discuss the group’s anti-Christian stance.

During a dialogue with FFRF spokesperson Dan Barker (who is married to FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor), “Follow the Money” host Eric Bolling was so dumbfounded by the group’s anti-Jesus views that he ended up booting the atheist-spokesperson off of the program. Mediaite’s Colby Hall called the moment a “‘War on Christmas’ miracle!”

At the center of the discussion was a Texas nativity scene that the Madison, Wisconsin-based FFRF has been demanding be torn down immediately. During the dialogue, Barker claimed that America is not a Christian nation and that the nativity should not be present on government property. He went on to say that the nativity represents “an insult to human nature that we are all doomed and damned.”

It was this comment that commenced the uncomfortable exchange between Bolling and Barker. “Sir, I have to take exception to the way you’ve described the nativity scene. It’s not an insult. It’s certainly not an insult to me. I’m a Christian,” Bolling explained.

“It is an insult, sir,” Barker countered. At this point, the interview continued, as Bolling sought to move on to another question. But it didn’t take long for Barker to, once again, push Bolling’s buttons.

“Why was Jesus born? To save us from our sins. What an insult that we are degraded, depraved human beings — that Jesus created a hell — a place or torture,” Barker quipped. “And how would you feel if you didn’t believe that… superstition?”

Bolling interrupted the insults and abruptly ended the interview.


Perhaps this might teach them some manners. The constant stream of intemperate abuse from Leftists does get wearing at times. They have no respect for other people at all.


Anonymous said...

An Athiest couple engaging in the religious construct of marriage, how interesting!

Bird of Paradise said...

Just hope this dont lead to some stupid lawsuit

Anonymous said...

It's too bad the Fox Commercial Network doesn't have anyone strong enough to deal with these anti-God atheists other than the stuttering marshmellow Eric Bolling. He's a pure, PC'ized wimp like all the other "performers" on Fox.

Why were the Godless freaks invited on the show when it was known what they would do?..... Because the Fox Commercial Network are simply "ratings pimps". They love to stir-up arguments between guests simply for the hope of more ratings.

The network, and their on-air clowns, are an insult to intelligent people.

Dean said...

Christ created hell? Where did Mr. Baker get that idea? Christ may have talked about hell, but he didn't create it.

As for the 'degraded, depraved sinners' there are some of those around. If those in the FFRF feel they fit the description they should do something about it.

Christ's message, simplified, is that there is a correct way to live one's life, each has a choice to follow that way or not, and there are consequences that follow the choice.

Does that make some people uncomfortable? It does. Especially since Christ's teachings go against some of man's natural instincts.

FFRF seems to feel that rather than heed an uncomfortable message, the messenger should be killed.

Anonymous said...

Dean blabbed, "Christ may have talked about hell, but he didn't create it."

One god, right? 3 separates gods (god, son, holy ghost)? One god with multiple personality disorder? Which is it? Was jesus a god?

Anonymous said...

Quite - if Jesus was God or part of God and God was the author of all existence, then God created Hell as with everything else! Christian theology is so internally inconsistent, or Christians can't make up their minds what they believe.
And yes - why invite guests to give their opinion and then feel so offended as to throw them out, unless it was all contrived for effect, as it probably was!

Anonymous said...

That is why there are denominations. There were denominations that believed Jesus to be a pure energy being. There are denominations that believe that Jesus is God and denominations that believe he was a mortal emissary of God. There are those that believe that the communion turns into the literal blood and body of Christ after it is consumed and those that believe it is merely symbolic. These are not hidden secrets of the Christian faith, so some of the posters here are either willfully ignorant or merely attempting to troll.

Anonymous said...

@12:05 - So which denomination is correct? They all cannot be.

Anonymous said...

@1:20, Of course, that is why they are called faiths. Each one has faith that they are the correct belief, and they have a consenus among others of the faith that they are correct.

Dean said...

Anon 7:22 "...why invite guests to give their opinion and then feel so offended as to throw them out..."

Who or what is being thrown out? Guests? Opinions? Who is doing the throwing?

Dean said...

Anon. 7:22 Nevermind. As I backed out I realized you had made a quick change of subject and were back to the original post.

My apologies.


Anonymous said...

"That is why there are denominations. There were denominations that believed Jesus to be a pure energy being...."

I choose "none of the above"

President Not Sure said...

This reminds me of a friend of mine.. He is militantly atheist, so I avoid the subject of religion whenever possible.. He once told me that he doesnt have a problem with Atheists insulting Christians because when he sees a sign that says "Merry Christmas", he sees it as a sign left specifically for him telling him that he is going to hell because he does not believe in Jesus. He still cant explain to me how "Merry Christmas" and "You are all stupid because you believe in a fairy tale and your entire life is a complete waste" are somehow comparable..

Anonymous said...

" "Merry Christmas" and "You are all stupid because you believe in a fairy tale and your entire life is a complete waste" are somehow comparable.."

It is a simple tit for tat.

President Not Sure said...

"It is a simple tit for tat."

Your explanation is lacking.. You might as well have just said that they are the same, "Because he said so".

Anonymous said...

I still say we should put a bounty on the heads of all atheists. It's time for Christians to stop turning the other cheek. Before long, the world will beg us to go back to being docile and tolerant.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:24 (yes, the very first post. Sorry to show up late) why would you be surprised that an atheist couple would take advantage of the plethora of GOVERNMENT benefits available to a married couple? Especially if they have children, marriage is very helpful in obtaining a variety of rights not normally available to unmarried couples. Child custody and access, visitation during hospitalization, survivor benefits, and money and property transfers between spouses and children are just a few of the 70-odd pages of government bennies you get for participating in this RELIGIOUS construct. Why do you think that mixed race couples fought for, and same sex couples ARE fighting for, access to the same preferential treatment?

The easiest way to fix this is to get government out of the religion business completely. Pick your legal partner (whoever they are), register them with the government so the two of you can get the rights of a couple, THEN go find a church to marry you if you want. Separate the rights from the religion. Or just eliminate the benefits across the board. Whichever is most cost effective.

Anonymous said...

7:58 - yes, unfortunately you are a bit late on this thread, so all the many "homophobes" who populate this site probably won't even read it, let alone be in any way influenced at all by your very cogent remarks :(