Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some very unwise fooling around

"Stag parties" or "buck's nights" for men about to get married are traditionally a bit wild but these guys pushed the limit -- thus getting one of their friends into hot water
A Tory MP who attended a stag party where guests chanted Nazi slogans has issued a second apology in a desperate bid to save his career. Aidan Burley was with 12 Oxford-educated friends, some of whom chanted ‘Hitler, Hitler, Hitler’, at a restaurant in a French ski resort.

The ‘stag’, who was seated next to the MP, wore an SS uniform and later posed giving the Nazi salute – illegal in France.

Mr Burley, the MP for Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, was filmed by journalists from the Mail on Sunday raising his glass before a fellow guest made a speech saying: ‘Let’s raise a toast to Tom for organising the stag do, and if we’re perfectly honest, to the ideology and thought process of the Third Reich.’

The MP did not raise his glass during the speech. He did appear to pay the bill for the meal, although he later said he had paid only his share.

The Nazi incident happened on December 3 in Restaurant La Fondue, an upmarket venue in the centre of the ski resort of Val Thorens.

The man in the Nazi uniform was accountant Mark Fournier, 34, who was frequently addressed by the others as ‘Himmler!’ It was his businessman brother John Fournier, 37, who gave the toast celebrating the Nazis.

As they left the restaurant, Mark and John Fournier agreed to be photographed and, without prompting, performed Nazi salutes.

Asked why he was dressed as he was, Mark Fournier said: ‘We wanted to see how a Nazi outfit in the middle of France would go down. The answer is not that well at all.’

Another said: ‘We are trying to intimidate as many people as possible. A lot have been quite offended, especially one guy who was both Jewish and gay.’

Mark Fournier has not responded to requests for comment, but his brother John told the Mail on Sunday: ‘[Mark] was dressed up in an outfit as a tongue-in-cheek laugh and there was nothing more to it than that. It was just a bunch of lads having a good evening.’



Anonymous said...

Great lead snorphty:

Lowe's cut its sponsorship of All American Muslim because it was only showing the most secular muslims they could find, and liberal politicians are going nuts, trying to see if any laws were broken (meaning liberals think you should be forced to sponsor TV shows for liberal darling groups)


Bird of Paradise said...

Open mouth insert foot try to remove foot

A. Levy said...

Personally, i've never shopped in a Lowe's store, but you can bet i'll start now, unless of course, they buckle and issue an apology. This is simply the Left using one of it's favorite tools, intimidation, to force people to comply with the it's views of how the world should be. Ironically, but not surprisingly, it's the very same tactic used by the Gestapo.

As for the topic, and as i've always said, being educated is not the same as being smart.

Anonymous said...

So in France it is illegal to hold your arm out at a 45 degree angle and say a German name? - that's just pathetic!


Anonymous said...

Boys will be boys.

Anonymous said...

Boys will be stupid!

Anonymous said...

Agreed Anon 4:05

I agree doing what they did was in bad taste and maybe not all that bright but to have laws against such things is just plan stupid

Anonymous said...

What does this story have to do with the purpose of this website???

Anonymous said...

@Anon 546, It involves individuals being punished for speech and expression because it is politically incorrect. In otherwords there is not free speech in France. However, public condemnation of their uncouth actions is completely appropriate.

TheOldMan said...

They should have dressed up in Che G shirts and berets and held mock executions.