Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hate speech about illegals on radio?

We read:
"Two UCLA professors have put out a report seeking to quantify hate speech on immigration-themed talk radio.

They found a lot of it. But what they called hate speech, others would call plain, if possibly impolite, English; terms like "illegals," "illegal aliens," and even "illegal immigrants."

The study by the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center reviewed single shows by John and Ken, Lou Dobbs, and Michael Savage, all of which aired in July 2008 and discussed immigration.

The study, titled "Quantifying Hate Speech on Commercial Radio," is a preliminary attempt by professors Chon A. Noriega and Francisco Javier Iribarren to "develop a sound, replicable methodology for qualitative content analysis" of hate speech on the air.

The cursory study, which was not peer-reviewed, was intended to quantify hate speech and to fact-check claims made by the hosts and their guests.

The professors didn't stick to official definitions of hate speech (i.e., directly or indirectly fostering violence against minorities). Any use of terms such as "illegals" or "illegal immigrants" was enough to get a check mark in their hate speech tally....

Kobylt got downgraded for blaming San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom for San Francisco's sanctuary ordinance, which dates to 1989, and for talking about fat Mexicans.

"The Mexican diet is what's shot up obesity rates in Los Angeles" was one Kobylt quote found false for oversimplifying obesity. "South L.A., poor people, they don't care what they look like" was another.


They sound like generally true statements to me. For instance, Mexico is one of the highest ranking countries in the world for obesity. But truth is a very low priority for Leftists, of course.


Sig said...

So how about quantifying all the immoral and unethical words of the Liberals who consistently claim that there is nothing wrong with breaking laws? What about "illegal" do you not get? Those who are in the United States illegally are breaking the law, and are thus criminals. It's not rocket science.

Bird of Paradise said...

Illegal aliens deport them all and make their goverment pay for it all

Anonymous said...

How convenient to be able to quantify any speech you dislike or disagree with as "hate speech". Obviously, they have been taking lessons from gay, jewish, and black activists. It was to protect them (and only them) that the so-called "hate speech" laws were invented.

Anonymous said...

The world is full of educated idiots such as those professors.

Kee Bird said...

I can remember when they were called WETBACKS

Anonymous said...

"I can remember when they were called WETBACKS"

I prefer BEANERS.

Anonymous said...

Problem is that "wetback" and "beaner" sugar-coats the fact that they are illegally in this country. ILLEGAL. CRIMINALS. And Liberals are just as criminal for allowing them to stay.

Anonymous said...

"And Liberals are just as criminal for allowing them to stay."

If they stay, the least they can do is to mow my fvcking lawn.

Anonymous said...

Why not just man-up and mow your own fscking lawn, you lazy prick?