Sunday, December 04, 2011

Black College Student Wins Fight to Display Confederate Flag in Dorm Room

We read:
"A black college student has won the fight to keep a Confederate flag in his dorm room after school officials initially told him to take it down.

The University of South Carolina Beaufort told 19-year-old Byron Thomas on Thursday he could keep the flag up, after the freshman was told two weeks ago to remove it because of student complaints.

University spokeswoman Candace Brasseur told the Beaufort Gazette Thomas was initially asked to remove the flag because it violates a student code of conduct discouraging bigotry, but the school’s legal counsel ultimately advised the university to allow him to display the flag.

When he was first told in November to take the flag down, Thomas posted a four-minute video on YouTube saying he views the Confederate flag as a sign of Southern pride, not of racism, and was not going to remove it. The video was re-posted on CNN’s iReport, where it has been viewed more than 70,000 times.

“It’s not racist for me,” Thomas, a Georgia native, said in the video. “All it is is a symbol that I see as a sign of respect, and people don’t want to see it that way.”

Before the school relented, Thomas said he felt his First Amendment rights were being violated, and said he considered legal action if he was not allowed to display the flag.



Bird of Paradise said...

Oh boy this is realy going to fustrate JESSIE JACKSON,AL SHARPTON and the NAACP

Anonymous said...

Yes, this "very rare" young man can hurt the earning power of professional race-pimps like Al $harptongue and Je$$ie Jackass and others of their ilk.

BTW, i wonder if old Je$$ie is arrainging for a comfortable prison cell for his congressman son who's heading for the "greybar hotel". (LOL)

Kee Bird said...

This is realy funny a black guy who like the conferate STARS and BARS flag whats JESSIE JACKSON and his RAINBOW/PUSH bunch going to do now?

Stan B said...

Well, Janeane Garofalo would accuse the poor young man of "Stockholm Syndrome" because of his irrational behavior. I wonder how long it was after they found out he was African-American that suddenly they decided it was "Free Speech" and not "Hate Speech?"

Anonymous said...

This is so racist! If it were a white they would never have reversed themselves. :)