Thursday, December 29, 2011

Australia's Leftist government attempting to censor news about illegal immigrants

They can't solve the problem so want it hidden
IMAGES of asylum seekers arriving to our shores by boat may be banned. The restrictions were announced after the Immigration Department successfully lobbied the Australian Communications and Media Authority to "protect the privacy of these vulnerable clients", The Australian reports (subscribers).

Under the new privacy guidelines, a person's identity would be protected even if they are in a public place. This would allow ACMA, which oversees the licenses of major TV networks, to possibly prevent the broadcasting of asylum seekers' faces.

Seven Network's Head of News Peter Meakin told The Australian: "I think it's a ridiculous provision and I suspect it is being done more for the benefit of authorities than for the asylum-seekers."

"I can understand asylum-seekers wanting privacy for the protection of their families, but a blanket ban is just the big hand of censorship," he said.



A. Levy said...

There was a time when you couldn't enter Australia unless you could show that you had a visible means of support when you got there. In other words, a job or a way of taking care of yourself without the aid of the State.

That's all gone. In it's place, they now have, political correctness. In other words, the beginning of the end of Australia.

Bird of Paradise said...

The aussies are heading into a socialists world trying to censor those who oppose illegal imagration just like Obama wants to do

Anonymous said...

Funny, I went there as a tourist and was brutally grilled despite being an American with a professional job in the US, etc, by passport control.

stinky said...

There's a method, howe'er ill-advised, to the madness.

I suspect the Aussie govt now realizes it needs to crack down on the immigration, not out of compassion of course, but simply because it is politically backfiring on them.

But after demonizing their opposition and canonizing the refugees for so long, they have to hide the complete flip-flop crackdown from the gaze of their own supporters, or at least downplay it as much as possible.

Losing even 2 or 3 more percent from their base (the green vote) is more than they can handle, thus we see this sort of heavy-handed silliness. The stink of desperation is in the air.


Wouldn't this pretty much outlaw any video camera that could potentially video a 'potential client' committing ANY crime? (i.e. surveillance cams in stores, homes, red-light cams, etc)

Also to A. Levy - I'm getting tired of folks who see things like this and say "beginning of the end". The reality is that we are more than halfway ended by now - we began the end decades ago!


Anonymous said...

7:10 AM - what do you mean by "brutally grilled"? You make it sound like you were roughly stripped-searched, had rubber gloves thrust violently up your rectum, and verbally abused as well.
Otherwise I suspect you had no more grilling than I did on entering Australia (unless you were suspected of something!).