Monday, December 26, 2011

Disney Channel Pulls Eating Disorder Jokes After Demi Lovato Blasts Network

We read:
"The Disney Channel has pulled episodes of two of its series off the air after former Disney starlet Demi Lovato blasted the network for making light of eating disorders.

The former "Sonny with a Chance" actress spent two months in an Illinois rehab facility in 2010 to deal with "emotional and physical issues," including eating disorders and self-mutilation.

She took to her Twitter account Friday night to complain that the Disney Channel series "Shake it Up" included the joke, "I could just eat you up -- well if I ate."

The network responded on Twitter, telling the 19-year-old star it was pulling the episode, as well as an episode of its series "So Random" -- which was spun off from "Sonny with a Chance" after Lovato left the show to enter rehab.

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Why should the entire population of the United States be deprived of a particular piece of entertainment because one person with a problem is offended?


Anonymous said...

I prefer comedy shows like the Republican debates.

Anonymous said...

In this PC world, the first rule "You Must Never Offend".

Read Juan Williams book "Muzzled" for more why that rule is destroying the way we talk to others.

Dean said...

It won't be long until all humor is banned. After all, humor depends on someone doing something stupid or unexpected.

Anonymous said...

"to deal with emotional and physical issues, including eating disorders and self-mutilation..."

In other words, she's a full-blown psycho.

"Political correctness is a greater threat to our freedom and liberty than is terrorism..."

Anonymous said...

Here's a lead for you... Deals with JROTC in US high schools. Muslims/Sikhs can wear head coverings but of course other groups will not be allowed to other than their military headgear..

Bird of Paradise said...

PC poppycock its getting so you cant say a thing without offending some liberal pussietard

Go Away Bird said...

A number of years ago DISNEY produced a mvie BUBBLEBOY about one of those born without a imune system It created a lot of controvercy