Friday, December 16, 2011

Asking questions incorrect?

The British government and its instrumentalities have on occasion circulated questionnaires that asked very intrusive questions about sexuality -- Americans have no such rights, apparently
"A University of Vermont fraternity has been suspended in connection with a survey that makes light of rape.

UVM said Tuesday that it's investigating the source of the survey, who saw and how it was used. Sigma Phi Epsilon has been suspended during the investigation.

Annie Stevens, UVM's associate vice president for student and campus life called the survey incredibly offensive and inappropriate, saying it asks participants if they could rape someone, who would it be.



Anonymous said...

Jon, maybe you and your boys down under think that rape is OK, but it is not here in the United States.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: The next on the liberal agenda, affirmative action for illegal aliens. So not only will the libs allow their law breaking,but they will get preferences over people who legally able to be here.,0,3680378.story

Anonymous said...

It's a fraternity. They drink. They bang chicks. Chicks want to be banged by them. Not everyone who pledges makes it in. So lighten the fuck up and get over it. Stop moaning because you got picked last for your team. Man-up and start worrying about more important things like how our government has completely fucked us over.

A. Levy said...

Bravo Anon 1:03!

Thanks to political correctness, and the weak-minded fools who subscribe to it, what is "inappropriate" to one person, is now a crime for others.

If you're (not) part of the Left, when was the last time you could get someone fired, sued, demonized, ostracused, and jailed, for saying/doing something YOU thought was innappropriate?

Anonymous said...

Well done 12:27 - you have made the same mistake that everyone who opposes the First Amendment makes... asking 'who would you rape' is not and has never been the same as actually raping someone.

Bird of Paradise said...

All the PC wacktards including the NEA and ACLU need sent to detention the Principal especialy