Saturday, October 25, 2008

A REAL attack on the double standard about Sarah Palin


Quite stunning. I've heard about black preaching but now I have experienced it!


Anonymous said...

While this is definitely harsh, remember that this is a black man who is against Obama. Not all blacks are for Obama.

(And is this really that over the top? His points are harsh by today's standards, but look at history. What was the black/white culture like in the 60's?)

Anonymous said...

No, not all blacks are for Obama. I think there are 6 blacks in downtown New Orleans that said they're not voting for him because they never got any big-screen TV's after Katrina. So your statement is accurate. According to all the polls, a full 97% of blacks said they will vote for him. Of course, they aslo say it has nothing to do with race! (LOL)

As for this preacher, he should be given a great deal of credit for his honesty and courage, although i suspect his life may take a turn for the worse after jan. 20th!

Mike said...

Well if Obama wins, he will be on trial on trumped-up charges because Obama will sign the FOCA - Freedom of Choice for Atheists Act. And likely the church he represents will be outlawed as 'intolerant' under the Freedom to Marry Your Goat Act.

Robert said...

And if it comes to trumped-up charges for made-up "crimes", then it will be time to take very seriously Lysander Spooner's writing that juries have a duty to judge the justice of the laws when determining if any real crime was committed, and recognize they could themselves be committing a real crime if they were to convict anyone with an unjust law.

Nutcase said...

Harsh? Absolutely!

But so has all the trash about Palin and her family coming out of the "media" today. If the media had gone after Obama/Biden half as hard as they did Palin, Obama would probably have just the black vote. No thinking person would vote for him if the truth about him came out.

This guy will get roasted on the news, and all Christians will be painted with the same brush. I’m sure his tax-exempt status is now in jeopardy, but Rev. Wright will continue to get a pass.