Sunday, December 31, 2006

Only Whites may be Called Apes

I've met some pretty ape-like white guys in my time (the Russian boxer above even looks like one) so why can there not be ape-like blacks?

"A white fire department lieutenant will be suspended for mocking the city's former fire chief, who is black, with an advertisement featuring a chimpanzee.

Lt. Dave Carter, 40, admitted sending the clipping by interoffice mail in October to Assistant Fire Chief Stephen McInerny. The altered advertisement depicts a chimpanzee sitting at a table in a dress shirt and tie and suspenders. Above the chimp, the advertisement reads: "I've got an idea. You do my half of the project, and I'll go take a nap."

Carter added the words "Otis Latin Fire Chief" to the ape's chest, and wrote "Hey Justinak!" above the text, referring to Assistant Chief Jeff Justinak.

A city investigation has ended and Carter said he would be suspended for two months without pay, the equivalent of $11,433 of his $68,016 salary. He must complete two courses on diversity and sensitivity.


I guess no blacks can be apes. That sounds like racism to me.

Incidentally, Nikolai Valuev, the Russian boxer above, was once routinely known as "The Beast from the East". He is 7 feet tall and also writes poetry.

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