Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OK to Insult Poles

When will I figure out the rules about whom you are allowed to insult and whom you are not allowed to insult?

"BERLIN: A newspaper has published pictures comparing the Polish President to a potato on the eve of a summit between Germany, Poland and France - five months after the three-way meeting was abandoned following a similar gibe. Tageszeitung printed pictures of Lech Kaczynski, whose twin brother is the Prime Minister, next to potatoes asking: "Which one of you is it that's coming again?"


Am I imagining it if I think that there would have been a worldwide uproar if the President concerned had been from an African or a Muslim country? Yet few countries could have endured more suffering and victimhood in the last 100 or more years than the heroic Poles. Being the ham in the sandwich between Germany and Russia has never been fun. But I guess that the Poles have committed the terrible offence of being white and Christian.

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